Newsweek is Bringin' The Creepy

Newsweek caused quite the stir when they created a digitally enhanced photo of Princess Diana, which they believe illustrates what she would look like if she were still alive. The photo shows her walking with Kate Middleton, who would be her daughter-in-law. You can see it here.

Not only did they do create that creepiness, but they also created a fake life story for Diana (again, if she were still alive) which includes two more marriages, a friendship with Kate Middleton’s mom, and more.  Weird, offensive and totally inappropriate. Look, I read a lot of gossip stories and tabloids, and even I find this offensive. We have NO idea what her life would have been like. She died way too young. There is NO reason to speculate. Let her be. The way this piece is written is so brash and ridiculous. I can’t believe any editor let this run.

As if that wasn’t enough, they have now created a fake Facebook page for Princess Diana. They believe that, if she were alive, this is what her Facebook page would look like. View that doozy over here.

Okay, if you haven’t said it already, now it’s time to give a big… “WTF!?”. I get the fascination with Princess Di. She was wonderful and giving and eloquent and beautiful and well-dressed and she died tragically and far too soon. But seriously…let her be! Why do you need to speculate about what her life would be like? Why do you need to use technology to age her photo? And, by the way, she TOTALLY would not look like that! That picture has her all sunken in and wrinkly. Also, do you REALLY think she would be a fan of “The Real Housewives of New York”? Let’s get serious here.

I think this is the creepiest thing ever. Come on, Newsweek. You’re better than that.

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