Archives for July 2011

Celebrities Are Certainly Not Afraid of Tattoos

So now I’m officially on a tattoo kick. I’m thinking about some of the celebrity tattoos I’ve seen and either loved/hated. Let me know what you think of these ones: Victoria Beckham has one which means  “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.” Pretty nice tribute to her hubs. Interesting location too. You […]

While We're Talking About Tattoos…

I have been jonesing (do people still saying that?) for a tattoo for a while now, but I have some fears. 1.) I don’t really know what to get and I don’t want to get something that I’ll regret. For example, had I gotten a tattoo five years ago, it probably would have been a […]

Kat Von D, You Are Dumb

I used to really like the show LA Ink, and I used to think Kat Von D was really cool. Yes, I know I lost a lot of credibility when I told you I like Kid Rock. But hear me out. Kat Von D was an entrepreneur, she clearly didn’t care what people thought about […]

What's Up With The Heart Twitter Avatars?

If you’re on Twitter all the time like me, you may have noticed a bunch of celebrities have changed their Twitter avatars to pictures of hands making heart shapes. “Why is this?” I asked myself. Well today  I found out the terribly sad backstory behind these new icons. The avatars are encouraging people to donate […]

Damn You, AutoCorrect

My mom and I both just got iPhones. We are both bad at typing on iPhones. Yet for some reason my mom still insists upon having full conversations via text message instead of just calling me. This creates funny moments. Like today for example. My mom was asking me about an idea she had for […]