Ode to Katy Perry

She's basically perfect, I think

After seeing Katy Perry on the cover of Rolling Stone this month, I knew that the post I had been meaning to write for a while needed to be written. I won’t post the Rolling Stone cover shot here for copyright reasons, but if you want to see it/read some of the article then click here. She brings the hotness.

I have a whole lotta love for Ms. Perry/Mrs. Brand. Whatever you want to call her. I love her carefree attitude, her quirky sense of style and her obsession with candy. I love how she makes the fair skin/dark hair/big chest look work. She gives hope to girls who aren’t blessed with tan skin and a little dancer’s body. I actually think that Katy Perry may be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Seriously. She is stunning. One of my friends once said to me that a lot of people feel that Katy is a Butter Face ( aka everything about her is hot but her face)…to that I say, “WHAT!?” who, in his/her right mind, would feel that way about such a stunning lady? No one, I would imagine. Am I wrong? What say you, lovely people? The other thing is this: Katy is seriously talented. No auto-tune needed. She can actually sing. Sorry, Brit Brit.

I love Katy’s look and try to emulate it. Minus the whipped creamed-shooting bra thing. That’s not really appropriate for the office.

Another thing I enjoy about Katy is her attitude. People have claimed she’s a diva after this tour rider expressing some interesting demands leaked online. Chances are that many of those requests aren’t even for her. The radio stations I work for put on a lot of concerts and therefore deal with a lot of riders. I’ve come to find that sometimes the most ridiculous requests are actually not for the artists. Sometimes tour managers/agents/whoever request them because they know they will be fulfilled. Okay, there’s a chance they are for her but… when you’re completing a grueling schedule for months at a time, can you blame the girl? One of the requests is that her driver does not speak to her, look at her or ask for autographs. Okay, the not looking at her part may be a tad extreme but, let’s be honest. I probably wouldn’t want to work a 12-hour day (using my vocal chords non-stop), travel overnight, sleep in a strange hotel, get up and do it all again, only to jump into a car with some Chatty Kathy who wants my autograph, to know how I came up with the song “I Kissed A Girl” and who wants to tell me about his daughter who is also a singer. Or even worse, what if you got into the car and the driver was some Pervy Paul who just wanted to stare at your ta-tas the whole time while he swerved all over the road? So it may seem a bit extreme, but when you think about her schedule and the other circumstances…it kind of makes sense.

This is a random rambling rant, but the Rolling Stone story really made me want to express my love for her. So there you have it. Are you sipping the Katy Kool-Aid too? Please tell me you don’t think she’s a Butter Face ! She’s too perfect and talented for that kind of talk!

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