It's 4:25 AM And I'm Awake…

But it’s okay! Because I’m taking a semi-spontaneous trip to Florida for a few days with the fam and C. Yeah, you know when I said the June World Tour was over? Well, it’s continuing into July! We’ll be in Florida until Tuesday. They’ve got a condo down there and offered to fly us down with them. We are semi-poor, recent college grads who never refuse a free trip (and of course family time!) so we are on our way! I’m really excited. Everyone thinks we’re nuts because it’s going to be really hot, but we’ll be right on the water so it won’t be too bad. And I could really, REALLY use a tan. Like, I think people get startled when they look at my legs. So, that’s that! My mom swears they actually have wireless this time (the last few times I’ve been, they didn’t…typical Florida old people thing, I guess…kidding…kind of) so I should be able to post! Are you doing something magical for the Fourth?

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