Happy Fourth, everybody!

I am currently in sweaty, gorgeous Florida enjoying the holiday. This is what I woke up to this morning:

Life is hard, let me tell you. It’s insanely hot down here, but when you’re by the ocean the breeze makes it really nice. I never, EVER go in the ocean because I am unusually afraid of sharks, but the water is seriously like a bath tub so I’ve been going in. I told my family if I get eaten, then I will come back from the grave and tell them “I TOLD YOU SO!” Such a lovely thing to talk about on a holiday, I know.

I had about a thousand fried clam strips yesterday, and we did cheeseburgers on the grill last night. Tonight we’re going to watch the fireworks on the beach. I’m so excited! Apparently there’s an open bar and free food too. Four words which I really enjoy.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with cheeseburgers, apple pie and SkinnyGirl margaritas. Thank you for reading!

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