Casey Anthony….are you joking me?

I feel like I just wasted the last month of my life, because I was literally glued to the Casey Anthony murder trial. I was glued to this trial because I thought she would actually….oh, I don’t know? Get charged with murder!? And I really was hoping to see some sort of justice for poor Caylee. But….no. That did not happen. Casey was acquitted of all the serious charges and was only charged with lying to police. In fact, she will probably be a free woman tomorrow. Even more fun is the fact that since she was found not guilty, she can profit off of her story. Expect to see a “tell all”book, pricey interviews, maybe even a reality show.

I know I’m not a lawyer and know virtually nothing about the criminal justice system… but come on now! SERIOUSLY!?


I watched hours of coverage on the case last night, and heard some lawyer saying that the American court system isn’t about justice, it’s about being legally correct. That may be true but….it still sucks. As curious as I would be to hear/read Casey’s thoughts, I’m not going to buy any magazines with an interview from her. I refuse to let this horrible person profit from any of this. And Jose Baez is almost as bad. In fact, they’d be a match made in heaven (hell) I suppose.


That’s about all I have to say. In other news, America will probably be a lot more productive as a whole now that the trial is over. Sad but true. Do you have thoughts on the case/verdict?

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