All I Want To Do…

Is write about Farrah’s boob job, Amber and Gary together AGAIN, Ryan calling Maci’s boyfriend Kyle “slow” and Catelynn’s meth head mother, but….now is not the time or place for that post. That post will happen this evening. So get excited! And go get some Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal. I just did, and it was SO GOOD!

Talk to you guys soon.



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  1. I literally could not believe it when Farrah said she wanted a boob job. Jesus, girl. Way to make yourself look bad. Anyway, it was a great episode! And Amber’s boyfriend was mega-creepy even apart from being a sex offender or whatever he was accused of. Oh, Teen Mom. I heart you.

    • The boob job…just too much. Amber’s boyfriend….horrifying… Can’t wait to write about this!

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