Teen Mom Season 3 Premiere

I waited with anxious anticipation for this show, and it did not disappoint. Where to even begin? Let’s start with Farrah. Good lord. I really like Farrah and genuinely feel bad for her. She’s raising Sophia by herself since Sophia’s dad was killed in a car accident. Her mom is nuts and beat her up once. She doesn’t seem to have much financial support from her family. Life is hard.

With that said, Farrah’s portion of the episode begins with her getting a consultation for a boob job. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I know these girls are making serious cash for the show, but I had hoped this money would be going into a college fun for the kids. It actually might be though, because Farrah talks about how she’ll need a loan to pay for the operation (which costs almost $6,000). I seriously watched that part of the episode with my face in my palms. Girlfriend, you have a baby. You are a single mom. You work a minimum wage job. You have basically no familial support. Take all of those things into account. Also take into account the fact that you need to take out a LOAN to pay for a stupid pair of plastic boobies. COME ON! Other than that, I really love Farrah. But….that was just dumb. I also don’t like how she kept saying the boobs will help her modeling career. Way to make every pre-teen ever think that you need big boobs to be successful in life. Also, I really loved when her mom made her create a will. Probably smart but also really morbid.

Maci: I LOVE Maci. I wish I talked like her.

Her voice is just so cute and she’s so pretty. And Bentley is so adorable. And Ryan is such a toolbag. Most of Maci’s part of the show focused on her struggling to get child support from Ryan (or “Rahn” as she says). Also, it showed her and Kyle getting back together, which we obviously already knew about. I’m so glad that happened though. I was so sad/stunned when they broke up. He is so good to her and treats Bentley like he’s his own. Love that about him. At one point, Ryan asks Maci (via text message as she sits across the table)  if Kyle is “slow.” What. a. tool.

Catelynn: I feel so sorry for this girl. She and Tyler obviously love each other and made the best decision possible for Carly when they gave her up for adoption. For some reason, Catelynn’s mom harasses her about the decision and just seems to hate her in general.

The mom seems like a meth head to me (not that I know many) and Tyler’s dad also has his fair share of problems. We won’t focus on the fact that Tyler and Catelynn are actually step-siblings, because they’re cute together and the parents got married after Ty and Catelynn started dating so….not their fault. At one point, someone tries to break into Catelynn and her mom’s house. Catelynn is all upset. The lovely mom snaps, “What am I gonna do? Save ya?” Um…kind of? You’re the mom? I’m happy to see that Tyler and Catelynn are going to move in together. They’ve been together long enough and it seems like they’re serious about each other.

Amber: Oh, Amber. What a mess. Not even a hot mess, just a mess. She is trying to break up with her disgusting creep of a boyfriend so she can go back to Gary.

Gary, WHY are you getting back together with Amber? She screams at you, hits you, and pushes you down the stairs. DON’T DO IT! Despite all this, Gary still wants to marry Amber. The funny part is, her creepy new boyfriend also talks about how he can see himself marrying her. How does she get TWO guys who want to marry her? She is physically and mentally abusive and has anger management issues. And is selfish. She needs some more time with Dr. Drew. For real. I love how she says to Gary, “You got me pregnant at the age of 17.” Honey, it takes two to tango. Let’s get real.

Overall, this episode lived up to my expectations. I have to say, I do love the original Teen Mom cast, although the Teen Mom 2 girls are pretty interesting to watch too. What did you guys think? Did you watch? Are you going to keep watching?

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