If You Like Jennifer Aniston…Don't Read This

I feel really bad for Jennifer Aniston. Angelina Jolie came in and broke up her marriage, and her dream of having kids with Brad Pitt. I understand why that must suck, because that was my dream too and now it’s been shattered. It’s really unfortunate. But seriously, what a horrible thing. With that said, Jennifer Aniston also drives me bonkers. Why must she talk about Brad Pitt in every almost every interview she gives?


For example

See also:

Exhibit B

And this:


I know there are a lot of Jen fans out there, and I think she is a great actress. She seems very sweet. Don’t get me wrong. I just can’t stand that she constantly talks about Brad Pitt and then says, “I’m moving on! I’m going to have a family!” She has a new boyfriend every other minute. She just seems…how shall I say this? Desperate. I know she experienced a really horrible, craptastic thing. Seeing this before they even split probably did not feel good:


Having Angelina Jolie as “the other woman” was probably brutal. But despite all that, I think Jennifer Aniston sets a bad example for women who have been dumped. I don’t like how she constantly has to have a new piece of arm candy. I don’t like how she constantly talks about Brad Pitt and how she is “stronger because of it” or whatever she says. I don’t like any of it. I feel for her, and I sympathize. 110%. I don’t agree with how she portrays herself. I understand that a lot of it is the media spinning her words, but I think she does have some control over it. She probably has a team of PR people. Can’t anyone help her!?

If you are dumped, the natural reaction is to do what Jen does.  You either want to a.) Talk about it. b.) Get a hot new boyfriend. c.) Talk about how strong you are and how great you’re doing, or d.) Some combination of all of the above. I think she would have been a lot better off if she just took some time to herself, didn’t give a million interviews and then, when the time was right, found someone to date. She doesn’t need to be dating the “it” guy in Hollywood. She’s in her 40s. She doesn’t need to try to rub it in Brad and Angie’s faces about how happy she is. If she was truly happy she would let her happiness speak for itself. She would let her new relationship speak for itself. Her career can certainly speak for itself so…

I know a lot of young women look up to her, and I don’t think she’s handled this whole thing correctly. Don’t air your breakup dirty laundry to the world, tell it to your closest friends. Don’t try to rub it in your ex’s face. Just do your thing, and let your success speak for itself. Don’t worry about his thoughts or making him regret the breakup. He is no longer worth your time. Because you are fabulous and he is a fool.

Those are my thoughts. I know some of you love her and may disagree, but it just had to be said.  She is talented and beautiful and doesn’t need to prove herself to Brad/Angie/anyone. I just wish she would realize that.


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  1. This is beautiful. Girls should do their own thing and let their happiness speak for itself! Thanks for writing this!

    • Thank you so much, Rachel! I really believe that your own happiness speaks for itself. It also says more than any Facebook status, comment, or (in Jennifer’s case) interview you could possibly give. Thanks for reading and thanks for the nice words!

  2. Irene Aniston says:

    I’m a fan of Jennifer Aniston and she’s now happy and engaged. Most importantly, they all moved on. So please just leave it alone now.

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