C and Lauren's Excellent Adventure

Today I woke up with an excellent idea. C and I were going to go to a nearby park and rent a bike. We would get some fresh air on this gorgeous July day. We would get some exercise. We would also spend time together. The idea was bullet-proof, right? Almost.

We got to the park and went to the place where you rent all the equipment. They have rollerblades (out of the question, I don’t know how to rollerblade) and all types of different bikes. That was where I spotted this death machine:


Actually the one we ended up taking for a spin only seated two people, but by the time I thought to take a picture of it some little kids were in it and I didn’t want their mom to think I was creepily taking pictures of them. Anyway, you get the point. It was a bicycle built for two. Just like the song. How romantic.

C suggested that we simply get normal bikes and ride side-by-side but I INSISTED that we try out this contraption. He agreed. We rented the thing for an hour. As soon as we started peddling, I knew we had a problem. The thing was really, REALLY heavy. Peddling on it felt like peddling through quicksand. It was basically like peddling the weight of two bikes put together, plus another person. After a few feet, my thighs and calves were BURNING. Also, the first portion of the trip was up hill.  I’m all about exercising and not feeling like you’re exercising, but this was the opposite. I would have been better off on a treadmill. I recorded a video right when we got on the thing. Take a look. It’s quite amusing. Sorry for the excess panting, I was having some trouble talking and peddling. Watch the video then click “read more” to read the rest of the story.

C and I struggle on a bicycle built for two

I am pleased to report that after this video was recorded we figured out that it was much easier to peddle when your feet are in sync. Probably an obvious realization, but we are bike novices. We also began to go down hill instead of up a hill. Again, much easier. Oh yeah, and we stopped for a drink break. That was crucial. We got some odd looks from people who saw our bicycle built for two pulled over onto the grass, but…judge away. My hamstrings needed it.


View from the bike pulled over on the side of the path

When we first started on the death machine known as a bicycle built for two, I didn’t think we would last more than ten minutes. We ended up having it for nearly the entire hour. And it was very enjoyable! So, go us!

We also got to see some beautiful scenery, such as this:

Gorgeous marina on the lake

Me at the end of the trip:



However, next time we will probably just get normal people bikes. Big props to C for humoring me and my ideas. Tonight we’re going to see Horrible Bosses, so I may need to retract my Jennifer Aniston statements. I will admit, I saw her on Chelsea Lately the other day and she was pretty hilarious. And didn’t mention B.P.  I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong, so…we will see.

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