Horrible Bosses Review

I need you to stop what you’re doing right now. I don’t care if you’re at work, driving a car, in an airplane. It doesn’t matter. Stop what you’re doing, go to a movie theater and go see Horrible Bosses. Seriously. It was HILARIOUS! Oh, but don’t go see it with your parents. It was full of profanity, sex, and drugs. Your parents can see it and you can see it, but you guys can’t see it together.

It would just be awkward. Like the time my dad took me, as a middle schooler, to go see Chicago on Broadway and everyone came out in little, teeny leotards and started doing sexy dances and we just looked at each other and wanted to die. Yeah, like that. Only worse.
Anyway, this movie was so funny. It was a dark comedy, I guess that’s what they’re calling it these days. It was reminiscent of The Hangover (ensemble, mostly male cast, raunchy situations/jokes, etc.) Except it was  funnier. I’ll be honest, I didn’t LOVE The Hangover. I laughed out loud, but not that much. I laughed out loud basically throughout this entire movie.

At some parts I felt weird laughing out loud because the whole thing was really dark. Hello, the whole movie deals with murder! But the situations were so ridiculous and the lines were so funny that you just had to laugh. And you know how I wrote that post about Jennifer Aniston driving me bonkers? Okay, I don’t totally retract that because when she split from Brad Pitt she was annoying. But I will say that she was super hot and funny in this movie. So…there. I was kind of wrong, okay? I said it. She also looks amazing as a brunette. It was kind of weird thinking that this is the same person who played Rachel in Friends because she was saying all these filthy words and acting super naughty, but she was great.

Definitely go see it. C and I wanted to see this one, Bad Teacher, that Justin/Mila one which is exactly like the Natalie/Ashton one (is that Friends with Benefits?) and also Midnight in Paris (okay, I wanted to see that one) but I’m really glad we chose this one.

I give this movie: 4 Dolces!


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