I am SO Drinkin' The Bethenny Kool-Aid

I have a serious obsession with everything Bethenny. I really just love the way she speaks, the advice she gives, her mannerisms ( I guess that counts as the way she speaks…) and her attitude. I love everything about her. I watch every show she’s on. I adore her. And, to be honest, Bethenny has changed my life. I sound like a recovered drug addict, but it’s so true. The Bethenny philosophy has changed my life. If you haven’t read A Place of Yes, go get yourself a copy now. Or you can borrow mine, but there’s a waiting list. Read my review of the book here. Let me explain how one little book has helped me so much.

Bethenny talks all about how “all roads lead to Rome” aka any choice you make is the right one, so don’t beat yourself up about “shoulda, coulda, woulda.” I always believed this idea, but needed someone else to say it to me. I really HOPED that I couldn’t make a wrong choice. I HOPED that I would end up at my goal eventually, but it’s hard to have undying self-confidence and faith that things will work out. Reading someone else’s belief helps a lot. And that’s what her book gives you. The reassurance that you will end up where you want to be. The belief that it’s okay to make mistakes.

Once I stopped freaking out about what I was doing with myself and my life, and stopped trying to overplan…once I just let things be, all of a sudden things started to happen. I’m not saying everything magically fell into place perfectly and now I am driving away in a horse-drawn carriage to go live happily ever after. No. But I am finally starting to get what I was trying so ferociously (without success) to get before.

I’m realizing that, a lot of times, the things we want most are actually relatively easy to get. We just get ourselves so worked up that we stand in our own way. This book teaches you to stop beating yourself up and just go with the flow a little more. I still believe in the phrase, “Only dead fish go with the flow,” but the book is definitely helping me to relax.

This is a long, Bethenny-fueled rant. Point being…go buy her book. And stop beating yourself up about past choices. And realize that, somehow, some way, you will get to where you’re trying to go. Once you realize that, you will feel an amazing sense of calm which actually allows you to get things done. Once you get small things done, that energy feeds off of itself and allows you to get bigger things done. I think. I didn’t do very well in the philosophy class I took, but that’s my understanding.

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  1. Love this book! And it’s great to read about how it’s had a positive effect on your life.

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