I Want to be A Bandwagoner…But I Can't

This year has been one full of self-discovery for me. One of the things I’ve discovered about myself is this: I want to be a bandwagoner, but I can’t. I want to take part in trends that everyone else is taking part in. I want to love the same TV shows and movies. I want to wear the same types of shoes and hairstyles. I just don’t. Or can’t. Or a combination of both. And that’s okay. Because I’m an individual. And sometimes I jump on the bandwagon, but I’m late to the party. So be it! Here are a few of the trends I’m talking about:

1.) Urban Outfitters. I would love to be able to buy clothes from this store. However, I think their clothes are designed for little, teeny ballerinas. I am not that. Their skirts are too short and their long, drapey tops just make me look pregnant and not like Nicole Richie who looks good in long,

These do not work on me

drapey tops because she’s so thin that she looks thin in everything. Urban Outfitters, for the most part, is not flattering on me. Sometimes I will make a rare find and get a top that looks good on me, but usually…no. Just no.  Whenever I walk by an U.O., I walk by the window and drool. “OOOH, look at that top/dress/skirt!” I exclaim. In my head, I know it will not look right, but still I will go in and try the item on. I will look at myself in the mirror and think ” Wow, this is not right.” And then I will go to another store and find something that actually looks right and it is fine. It’s not me, Urban Outfitters. It is you. It’s definitely you. Also, why is there stuff so pricey!? I don’t get it! For the most part, I cannot partake in this trend.

2.) Side braid:

I love the side braid

I adore this style, and apparently so does every celebrity and her mother. You see it in all the big magazines lately. It wouldn’t be hard to jump on the bandwagon for this one, right? Everyone is capable of growing long hair. But listen. Every time my hair gets even remotely long enough to put into a braid, I get sick of having long hair and cut my hair into a shorter style. Yes, I know. I have control over this. I could consciously NOT cut my hair. But in a way, I don’t have control. The time and effort that goes into long hair wears me down slowly but surely. The feeling of long hair on my neck when it’s 95 degrees out makes me squirm. I try to tolerate it, but day after day it gets more and more unbearable. Then, like magic, I start seeing pictures of adorable shorter ‘dos. Then the next thing you know I’m sitting in the chair saying, “Cut it to my shoulders!” and I’m not looking back. Then my dreams of a side braid go out the door. As does my ability to jump on the bandwagon for this trend. Oh well.

3.) High heels: And not just any high heels, I want to be able to wear nude Louboutins. Like this.



These shoes are all the rage in Hollywood. If you look at any red carpet, you see Loubs trotting down it. And looking amazing. Very Kim Kardashian, right? I know these shoes cost basically two of my paychecks, but it doesn’t matter because even if I could afford them I wouldn’t be able to wear them! I am literally unable to walk in really high heels. Much to my dismay. I can walk a few steps in them, but that’s about it. I have no idea how celebs spend a full day of shopping and vacationing in these huge shoes. I just can’t do it. Is there a class on heel-walking? Because if there is, I’d take it. Am I missing a gene? Maybe I am. And maybe that’s why I can’t get on the bandwagon for this trend. A kitten heel I can do. A wedge? I’m fine with that. But sky-high heels? Nope. I’m sitting this one out.

4.) The last thing on the last is this: Sushi. I can’t tell you how many times a friend and I have made plans to meet for dinner and she’s suggested sushi, only to be disappointed when I’ve said, ” Yeah….I don’t eat sushi.” I eat the kind of sushi without raw fish if I have to, but I don’t love it.  Sushi restaurants are EVERYWHERE lately. Everyone loves sushi. Except yours truly.


Maybe it’s one of those things, much like dark chocolate, that I will begin to like more as I get older. Or not…. probably not. Who knows? Either way, I am not on the sushi bandwagon. I will just take my shorter hair, my wedges and my panini and be by myself.


I’ll admit, there are a few trends that I’ve eventually jumped on the bandwagon for. But I jumped on AFTER the trend was basically over, so it didn’t really count. For example: Lost, The Office and Harry Potter. And to be fair, I haven’t seen the Harry Potter movies. I’ve just read the books. But, overall, I am not a bandwagoner. Only for some things. And I’m realizing…that’s okay! I am embracing my individuality and late-t0-the-party ways.


How about you?

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