This Week Was a Great Success (Borat Voice)

For a minute, we are going to pretend that you’re my parents and I’m telling you about the exciting things that happened during my week. Because I feel like it. So bear with me.

This week has just been a good week for a variety of reasons. I got an article published on The Grindstone. I voiced a commercial for one of our radio stations that the client really liked.  I’ve gotten the opportunity to do a daily video for one of my radio station’s websites. I had been wanting to do this for so long, and now that we have a new website I can do it and I am SO HAPPY! I get to do product reviews, “how-to’s”, entertainment reports, etc. It’s so fun. I have so much creative freedom, and these little videos are something I really enjoy so it’s so nice to have that be a part of my job. Also, I just found out my friend is taking a job about 40 minutes away! Rejoice! Two of my friends are currently moving out of the area, so that leaves me with approximately one close friend in the area. Rough life. She’s a great friend, but you need more soldiers than that to have a good social life. I’m so happy to have my friend moving close-by. Even though we’re not in the same city, we can still meet up on weekends. And she’s awesome, so I’m excited to have her here.

Add on to that the fact that I got a new jacket, skirt, and top for $7 and you have yourself a winning week. Okay, let me explain that last statement. I had to return a $50 item and got a store credit. The store was having a sale where every item was 50% off. Put the discount and my store credit together and my purchases were only $7. So, as my mom so kindly pointed out, I didn’t REALLY only spend $7 but…it feels like I did and it’s a great feeling. So just let me ride the wave of frugality.

Also, C has friends coming into town tonight so we’ll actually have people to go out with! Rejoice again!

I’ll post some pics of my new purchases soon.

What are you lovely people up to this weekend? Something full of magic and wonder I hope!

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