Giuliana and Bill Rancic Are The Bomb Dot Com

If you know anything about me, you know that I have some serious love for Giuliana Rancic. She is great on E! News and also seems like a genuinely nice and fun person. Not your typical LA robot woman. So I was disappointed in myself when I realized I hadn’t been watching her and Bill’s reality show called Giuliana and Bill. Last night was the premiere of the new season, so I tuned in. And set my DVR to record the entire season.

Let me just say, these two are AMAZING. First of all, they are one of the most attractive couples out there. Second of all, they have one of the healthiest relationships out there (especially amazing for two celebs).

They’re dealing with infertility struggles, which I would imagine causes lots of stress. They are dealing with a (semi) long distance relationship, which I know for a fact causes lots of stress. Yet they still laugh, goof around and are clearly nuts about each other. I love it. They never get jealous, or annoyed when the other person is busy when they call, or worn out by the other person’s emotional needs and wants. They are…..yep, the bomb dot com. Or, as G says, “amazeballs.”

G + B are having a really frustrating time trying to get pregnant. Most people (myself included) would probably cry, scream, take out their anger on their partner, and then give up.

Nope, not the Rancics. They’ve decided to stop trying to get pregnant (for right now) and instead embark on a Year of Fun. They’re going to travel, drink wine, and do other things you can’t do when you have kiddies. So smart! No yelling at each other, no relationship-ending fights, no tears. Good for them. I think a lot of people can learn from them. I love this strategy.

There were a few times throughout this episode when I thought, ” Oh God. They’re going to have a blow-out fight.” Instead, they talked and ended up laughing or just offering each other some words of love and encouragement. I should have known better. They are way above having a crazy fight over something not worth fighting over.

It’s so easy to see obstacles in your relationship as The Thing That Will End Our Relationship or The Thing That Will Make Us Stressed and Not Able to Have Fun Together. These two illustrates the point that sometimes you have to stop taking life so seriously and learn to laugh together, or tell each other you love and value you each other. It makes difficult situations a lot more bearable.

I love the Rancics. Did you guys watch last night?



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