The Search for the Perfect Scent…It's Not Over

When you order something online at, you get to pick three little free samples to have shipped along with your order. Normally I try to pick three scents so I can get a (free) feel for some new fragrances/fragrances I don’t know about. I will admit, usually these scents are gross or smell like grandmas or are just not my thing. Although I did find Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy that way. But, for the most part, this strategy doesn’t work too well. However, I think I may have found  a perfume I like using this method.

The scent is Kate Spade Twirl. The packet that the sample came in had the words, ” She had a cocktail in her hand and confetti in her hair,” printed on it. I knew that this perfume had potential once I read that. What a great little statement, right? 

The scent is very light and fruity. Perfect for the miserably hot weather we are having (my car thermometer read 106 degrees when I left for work this morning). The fragrance actually reminds me of Eau Mega by Viktor and Rolf, which may be why I like it so much. However I think this scent may have more staying power than Eau Mega, which would be nice. If you remember the post about Eau Mega, that was the one (big) thing I didn’t like about it. It smelled amazing for a few hours, but then it disappeared. I don’t love Twirl as much as Eau Mega, but I still really like it a lot. Not too musky, not TOO sweet. It’s fruity and fresh. Me likey. I know I need to give it the full endurance test, which includes seeing if I can still smell it when I get home from work. I’m skeptical, because most of the other perfumes I’ve tested have failed the endurance test. We shall see. I also love the name and bottle this perfume comes in. I know no one knows the name of the scent you’re wearing, or sees the bottle, so you need to pick the scent based on…well…how it smells. But, the appearance and name always draw me in. Also, you can get a small bottle of this little guy for $65 at Sephora. You can also get the rollerball for $18. Much better than Eau Mega, which doesn’t have a rollerball, isn’t available at Sephora, and costs about $100 for a small bottle. Yikes! These are all things to consider…

Have you ever tried this scent? Any reviews?


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