The Perfect Hot Weather Drink

When you get into the car and this is the temperature outside:

You know drastic measures must be taken. Those measures included making a delicious smoothie. I recently picked up a little blender at Target for this very purpose. It’s similar to that famous single-serve blender (the Magic Bullet? is that right?) but about 40 bucks cheaper. It’s one of those blenders where the blender also becomes a travel cup. Oh convenience, I just love you. It’s a smaller blender so I don’t end up making a vat of smoothie and wasting half of it. I love it. It looks like this one:

It was only about $12 at Target. Definitely worth the investment. I throw in some low-fat yogurt, skim milk and pre-cut frozen fruit (you can buy the frozen fruit at any grocery store) like this:

You can buy all different kinds of fruit. It makes such a good breakfast or snack on insanely hot summer days. It’s also pretty nutritious, which I like.

The finished product (in my super ’90s glass). I put the glass next to the blender so you could see how big it is. It’s just a little guy! Perfect for one person:


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