A Trip To Yankee Stadium. Where Were You, Minka Kelly?

C and I went with his mom and her boyfriend (and my dad) to Yankee Stadium this weekend. Despite the fact that it was (literally) 100 degrees, we had a fantabulous time. Last time I was at the Stadium I saw Cameron Diaz, so I was hoping for another Yankee girlfriend (Minka Kelly?) sighting this time. No such luck. Oh well.  It was a great baseball day, and I was in good company. A few pictures from our trip:


This is Mickey Rivers, he was a famous Yankee in the '70s

Yankee Stadium in Hipstamatic mode

After the game, we went to this great little Mexican (my favorite) restaurant for dinner. Then we went back and had a drink at the hotel bar and called it a night. We had gotten up at 6am to drive into the city, so we were pretty beat. All around a great day. Except that the Yankees lost. Boo.

Hope you all had a great weekend and stayed cool!

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