My New Thing: Bikes

For the past few weeks, I’ve REALLY wanted a bike. I keep talking and writing about it, but now I’m getting serious about buying one. C and I tried a “bicycle built for two” a few weeks ago, and now we’re in the market for good ole-fashioned bikes. Like Lance Armstrong bikes. Except maybe not as intense. I like that they’re good yet fun exercise and I like that they allow you to get outdoors in the gorgeous summer weather. We have a bunch of great bike trails near our place, so now seems to be the perfect time to get one.

I know literally nothing about bikes, though. I haven’t had one since I was about 10, and that poor thing got tossed aside as soon as I got a Razor scooter. Which then got tossed aside as soon as I got a driver’s…yeah. It’s been a while.

C and I went to Target the other weekend to get a feel for prices. I’m willing to spend SOME money on a bike ( I do have a job) but I’m not willing to break the bank on this investment. The bikes at Target were pricey. About $250 or so. Also, the only ladies’ bikes I saw were literally bright pink/purple, and looked like adult-sized Barbie bikes. Look, that might have been cute when I was a little girl. I’m 23. I don’t need a Barbie bike.

We’re going to keep looking this week, and hopefully will make a purchase soon! I’m getting excited!
Do you have bike experience? Any recommendations?

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