Ode to Jim Halpert/Why Pam and Jim Are Annoying Together

Lately I’ve developed a moderate to serious obsession with The Office. If you’ve read my earlier post on me not being a bandwagoner, you will not be shocked to learn that I didn’t watch The Office when it first debuted/became popular, which explains why I am just developing my obsession now. I think the show is so well-written, and extremely relatable (especially if you work in an office). I also have a serious crush on Jim Halpert.

Jim Halpert is good-looking, witty and seems like the nicest guy on the planet. He also seems like a real romantic. Yes, I know he’s not a real person. It’s fine. I love Jim’s quirky facial expressions, his cunning responses to Michael’s antics and his “aw, shucks” attitude. He is not cocky (even though he’s handsome and funny), and he’s seemingly unaware of his charm. He is just the boy next door who every girl wants to date. Love him.

Once you know about my extreme crush on Jim, you’d assume that I LOVE him and Pam together, right? Wrong. Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I enjoyed Jim pursuing Pam MUCH more than I enjoy Jim WITH Pam. Do other people feel this way? In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that I think Jim and Pam are unhealthy in their relationship at times. I know I’m not completely finished with the series, but I’ve seen enough to stand by my position.

For example:

1.) Jim and Pam spend most of their day flirting and playing practical jokes: My boyfriend and I work in the same office. Yes, there are times when we pop in to the other person’s area to see each other. But we most certainly do not spend the majority of the day flirting, giggling, and playing jokes on our bizarre co-worker. We spend most of the day….doing our jobs. The fact that Jim and Pam screw around all the time makes me think that they don’t care about their jobs or career advancement. I know that Jim ends up advancing eventually, but if he spent half as much time making sales and learning new techniques as he does with Pam, he would probably advance a lot faster.

2.) They don’t care about workplace ethics: When you work in the same office as your significant other, it is not really appropriate to remind everyone that you’re dating. My boyfriend and I go to lunch together, but we are very careful about constantly sending the ” HEY, WE GO OUT!” signals. It makes people uncomfortable, and it’s not very professional or appropriate for the workplace. I think Jim and Pam’s relationship is often a distraction, and comes up in conversation quite frequently among the other co-workers. It would be much more professional if they were more low-key. The other co-workers should almost be able to forget that they are dating.


3.) Pam gave up her art dreams for Jim: I understand how hard long distance relationships are. I write about them for The College Crush. I understand that sacrifices need to be made for relationships. But I lost respect for Pam (yes, a fictional character) when she couldn’t finish one more semester of art school because she missed Jim and wanted to return to Scranton. Yeah, she claimed it was because she didn’t end up liking it that much. I didn’t believe it. You KNOW she didn’t long to return to Dunder Mifflin and make copies for Dwight. I think that Pam based most of her decision on Jim. And I don’t like that. Jim encouraged Pam to stay, which was good on his part. But she still returned to her boring desk job. I think the healthiest of relationships are ones in which you can grow and better yourself as an individual. I know it’s easier said than done, but I think it’s true. I give Jim props for encouraging Pam to finish, even if it meant he’d have to spend more time away from her. I think Pam should have stayed true to herself and her dreams and finished up the semester, even if it meant doing long distance for a few more months. If she truly didn’t like it, then she should have come home. I think that was just an excuse.

4.) Pam and Jim started while Pam was taken/rebounding: I realize that Roy was a jerk and a loser and Pam should not have been with him. But I don’t think it’s good to start a relationship when one person is in the process of ending another one, or is still getting over another one. Especially when that relationship was about to lead to a wedding. It would be one thing if Roy and Pam were just casually dating, but they were about to get married! It was serious! I know Jim had undying love for Pam, and it was pretty clear that feeling was mutual. Despite all that, I still think Jim should have backed off, given Pam space and time to get over Roy, and then when she was done with that they could have gotten together. No relationship should start when another is ending. No relationship should start as a rebound, even if there is true love involved.

I know that these two are not real people, and their relationship is part of a television script. However, I think my complaints about their relationship are  legitimate. What do you guys think? How do you feel about this famous TV couple?

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  1. I’m just getting into the office as well, and I agree with everything you say here. I don’t like them as a couple, I prefer them as flirty friends.

  2. I agree. i think they were much more fun to watch when they were trying to pursue eachother. I also dont like Pam’s personality in the later seasons. I know she’s more confident and its part of her character development, but she just seems annoying to me now lol i liked when she was quiet and sweet.

  3. I really do not agree with anything you say here. I think they are a great couple and deserve to fictionally be together..

    • Hi Casey,
      Thanks for reading and commenting even if you don’t agree. I like how you said, “fictionally be together”. Too funny. Sometimes I feel like they’re real people. I see Emily Blunt and I’m like, “Why is she with Jim Halpert? Pam must be pissed!” Thanks for reading!

  4. I agree with Casey. It was about time that there characters finally developed into something more than a chase. I don’t agree with your list of reasons.

    1. They’ve always played practical jokes even before dating & marriage.
    2. How about the fact Dwight & Angela use to go off and have sex during work. Kelly & Ryan making out on desks, rolling around on the floor & arguing loudly infront of anyone. All of dwight’s weapons. All of Michael’s offensive comments & behavior. Michael & Holly’s PDA. How about Dwight shooting a gun in the office? Or Meredith dressing like a night walker during casual Friday. And how Meredith got wasted and caught her hair on fire? Creed doesn’t even do anything at all, he has a made up job like Pam does now.

    That’s all I’m really going to write even though I could go on. You can’t really compare your morals/life/workplace ethnics to a mockumentary comedy television show, let alone any television show. So that’s why I dont find your list of reasons valid. I’m not trying to be rude, just giving my opinion.

    One last thing the writers could of done a lot better with season 7 & Michael’s leaving.

  5. I think this is being read into too much. I mean their characters are fictional, and the story of their relationship is something of a fairy tale. I think it’s okay for them to step out of reality and jump head first into things. And I think after seasons and seasons of them joking around, the world was ready for Jim and Pam right then and there.

  6. Being a HUGE office fan I have to correct something you said. Jim and Pam yes, did have that kiss while she was engaged to Roy, but nothing started with Jim and Pam for a while. After that kiss Jim transferred to another branch where he met Karen…they flirted, then dated, and came back to D.M. together as a couple. Pam also got back with Roy. Pam was honest with Roy about their kiss which lead to a violent outburst from Roy and him later on trying to attack Jim. Anyway, I will stop there, lol.

    Next, I agree about not liking them as a couple (or at least a married couple). When they weren’t an item there chemistry was on fire and fun to watch! You wanted Jim with Pam just as bad he wanted to be with her.

    Then they start dating…to me they were still fun, but then they get engaged and Pam pregnant and it all starts going down hill.

    Now that they are married Pam is this boring character with no personality and she seems real corny. Jim to me gets on my nerves as a husband. He treats Pam like she is some silly little housewife that is not to be taken seriously. He doesn’t take her seriously anymore or back her up. He just acts like she is crazy.

    Plus since they haven’t gotten married they have zero chemistry at all. They’re not likable together anymore. I miss them playing pranks together and joking or actually seeming like they like each other. They don’t even seem like friends anymore. They are literally the ball and chain!!

    Oh, and I think with a boss like Michael Scott setting the example to slack off and dink off you can’t think much of them joking/pranking/flirting all day. What does Michael Scott do all day really? Does the boss actually work or care if anyone else does?

  7. I haven’t really watched the past couple of seasons of The Office, but just re-watched the pilot. Oh how I miss Pam the receptionist! I know – characters are supposed to grow and develop, but she and Jim were hilarious as the “straight men” in the comedy.

    Also, I liked the friendship between Jim and Pam back in the beginning. Now that they are together, they’ve become a bore.

    • ljmlevine says:

      I agree completely! Pam was so much better as the cute, somewhat nerdy receptionist. They are a snoozefest now.

  8. Like you, I just discovered The Office. I’ve worked my way through the first 2 seasons and I’ve peeked ahead a little. I have a serious Jim crush too!

    I have a couple of theories on their work behavior. (1) How could a boss like Michael Scott lead anything but a group of slackers? The Scranton office scrapes by so that we can marvel at their incompetence. I’m not watching to see a realistic office; I’m watching to see an entertaining and amusing office so that probably includes people who act inappropriately.

    Or (2) the characters do regular work but that part doesn’t make it into the show. I don’t want to watch a show about people sitting at keyboards or having work-related conversations about real subjects. Again, I’m watching for entertainment. Dwight got a regional sales award so they must be accomplishing something during the day but it’s not all on camera.

    I met my husband at work so perhaps that’s something that attracts me to this show. Like you, we kept it professional, but of course I was always debating whether I could professionally afford “just one more stop” by his desk. Jim and Pam carry it out because it’s fiction and it leads to more entertaining stories. The office gossip makes a better TV show too. Of course we don’t want that for ourselves in real life… but it’s fun to watch.

  9. P.S. Don’t you love it when he wipes a tear from his eye? Incredibly adorable.

    • ljmlevine says:

      Yes! He is very adorable. His facial expressions are so good. I have a hard time separating Jim from real life John K. They’re one in the same to me.

  10. We have an office relationship that started a few months ago and has made everyone SO UNCOMFORTABLE and this article just perfectly puts into words what we’re all feeling. THANK. YOU.

  11. totally agree with you on points 1 & 3..whats up with giving up your dreams and returning back to your dead-end job, just to be with your man 24X7? Not the signs of a healthy relationship..who knows she might later go on resenting him at some level to have given up her dreams for him, though jim insisted otherwise. And an office doesn’t work that way, playing pranks & chatting all the time, you gotta do your job! partly agreeing on reason no. 4…they should have taken some time together NOT DATING as well as SINGLE, to see where they stand. jim kissed pam when she was engaged and then just took off. Also, they got together moments after jim dumped karen. What’s the hurry?!

  12. and by the way….I am so IN LOVE with jim halpert, I love him, I love him, I love him….!

  13. I think you just wish you could have Jim for yourself.

    These two are soulmates and I love, love, LOVE them together.

    That is all. 😉

  14. I don’t like them together because… I think he deserves better. As in… me.

  15. I don’t like Jim, and I feel that more than Pam he’s responsible for the couple’s annoying vibe. He’s actually quite patronising towards the other characters – a few of his more irritating habits include: continually rolling eyes at camera to demonstrate how astute he is at spotting quirky behaviour; never joining in on a joke unless he instigates it himself; SMILING when he orders subordinates to do things (I would feel like clipping him over the ear if he tried to do that to me); playing practial jokes (which was one of the best things about the show when he was level with everyone else, but now he does them in a way that reinforces his power (which is repulsive)). Yes, I loved Jim at the start – but dang, he’s one annoying dude now.

  16. I agree with you on everything! I just became hooked on the office this past fall, and fell madly in television character love with Jim. Jim’s whole unrequited love for Pam was what made me Netflix the show, however I am now watching season 5, and my respect and interest in this possible coupling has gotten lower with every episode. Jim and Pam’s flirting and will they/won’t they of Season 1-2 has been replaced with boring, annoying “look at us! we are in love and perfect together!” ness and it makes me throw up a bit in my mouth. The fact that Pam gave up her art career in NY for Jim (at least, that is how I read those episodes), was so unrealistic and made her lose any and all likeability with me. Season 2 was my absolute favorite, and nothing will top it, I have sadly come to realize. Ugh.

  17. You are just jealous … 😛 My dear, you should get help!

  18. I’ve just gotten into watching The Office on Netflix and while Jim and Pam have their good qualities I do not like them as people. I’m the opposite of everyone else, I like them better in later seasons than in the first two seasons when instead of working for a living they were acting like junior high school kids and playing stupid pranks that instead of causing me to take their side, actually caused me to side with Dwight, and Dwight is not someone I really want to be siding with. At least in the later seasons they grew up a little. Jim and Pam were smug and cliqueish and I can’t stand people like that.

  19. I actually liked that they were together because after so many years of pursuit, failure and depression it was good to see them together. However, it almost felt like the series was over when they got together because there was no story anymore (there were ups and downs). No matter what, I think they are the cutest couple!

  20. Michele Tils says:

    I don’t agree at all.
    It seems like you don’t even watch the show or something.
    I think they are awesome .
    Who ever listed all the crazy stuff their co workers do made way more sense. I think they care about each other , their daughter and others very much.

  21. I just watched the entire show back to back, and I must agree. Jim got extremely annoying, I think it all began when Pam got pregnant, suddenly he became this uptight father to be with no room for fun. His character continues to evolve into an annoying party pooper. One of the most irritating things about him is his reluctance to mingle with his co-workers. He is constantly brown nosing to Dave Wallace, especially when he tries to take Michael’s position as regional manager and pretends to cover it with an idea to get both of them a promotion. And forgive me for saying annoying again but I especially hate Pam & Jim’s holier than thou attitude with regards to being married and having a kid. Like hello you’re not the first or the last to have a kid. Get over yourselves.

  22. I agree and disagree with parts of your list.

    1. I agree with this point. Jim turned down a huge job at corporate that ended up going to Ryan who displayed much better ambition and drive (despite going crazy in the following season). We later see Karen as a manager while Jim is still stuck in sales pulling dumb pranks. We later see Roy is quite wealthy from starting his own business. His sincere effort to get a promotion from Wallace backfires because of Michael’s insecurities, but the reason was still a legitimate one involving a negative performance review. He compromises for a half-assed co-manager position that dissolves into nothing after the Sabre takeover.

    2. I disagree with this. This show takes place in a strange world with many office crushes and hookups despite the relatively small number of people that work in those offices. People on the show are very open about their dating and affection. On many occasions, Jim and Pam are shown trying to be low-key about their eventual dating, their engagement and their pregnancy. The “PDA” episode even makes a point of stating that Jim and Pam are relatively non-affectionate in public compared to other couples on the show. You have to judge them by the rules established in this TV universe, and in that regard Jim and Pam are not show-offs.

    3. I sort of agree with this. Pam did give up on her art career a little too quickly. On the other hand, she went to NY specifically for a graphic design program; she ends up hating graphic design and fails. Take this exchange for example–
    Jim: Wow, I thought you were good at Flash.
    Pam: I was. And then they switched to Acrobat just as I was learning Quark. I hate computers!
    Anyone who knows even a bit of design knows that what she said is pure nonsense, but the show’s clever writers obviously knew that and using it as a way to exemplify that Pam is really bad at this stuff. Still doesn’t excuse how quickly she gave up on having any sort of arts-related career.

    4. I chalk this up to TV drama. Jim had to make that last ditch effort in the season 2 cliffhanger at winning her before leaving town for good and presumably losing Pam forever after she gets married. This set up season 3 to give us us an interesting journey into their suddenly rocky/strained friendship, the entire Jim/Karen/Pam dynamic involving jealousy, uncertainty and insecurity, and Roy attacking Jim. It wouldn’t make for exciting TV if nothing had transpired at end of Season 2, Pam quietly broke off her relationship with Toy and later started dating Jim when the new season started. I will say that Jim ditching Karen in NY to immediately go on a date with Pam was pretty messed up and one of the show’s low moments (story-wise, not counting outright terrible episodes from later seasons). It’s not like Karen was a mean, inattentive jerk who deserved it and had that coming. They even had a nice time in NY and their relationship seemed to be improving after some earlier tension. Unlike Pam realizing Roy was a terrible person and bad for her, Jim simply disliked that Karen wasn’t Pam. That’s it. I feel like Karen could have been removed from the show in a more elegant manner than Jim simply deciding to be an impulsive jackass.

    I will say that the two were better when they were quietly pining for each other than when they began dating, although that seems unavoidable as the former is naturally more exciting than when two people have already become stable. In later seasons the two of them do become rather annoying and uptight. One of the most self-aware scenes of what the show had become was in the last season. It shows a sort of mirror: Jim and Pete sitting at facing desks, Pam and Erin each standing by their guy. Pete and Erin try to set up a double date and immediately the insufferable older couple starts with the lame excuses. Erin cuts them off and tell them to forget it so they can stop with their BS. It’s too bad the show left us with this lasting impression of what an irritating, uptight couple they had become.



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