Kat Von D, You Are Dumb

I used to really like the show LA Ink, and I used to think Kat Von D was really cool. Yes, I know I lost a lot of credibility when I told you I like Kid Rock. But hear me out. Kat Von D was an entrepreneur, she clearly didn’t care what people thought about her, she was a talented tattoo artist, and she seemed like a fun girl who would be cool to get a drink with. All good things. Then she started to date cheating, scumbag Jesse James (who gives me the bad kind of shivers) and I lost all respect for her. Jesse James? Seriously? Gag.


These two took their love fest all over the country, and were all over magazines and newspapers. They got engaged. They were gross. Sandra Bullock adopted a beautiful baby boy and probably laughed and laughed about this mess.Then came the best part: Kat Von D got Jesse James’s baby picture tattooed under her armpit (only real estate she had left). Then they broke up. She’s claiming she doesn’t regret the tattoo despite the break up but…come on now…how could you not regret that? That’s regrettable even if you two stay together for the rest of your lives! To see a picture of the creepy child now living under Kat’s armpit, click here. Keep reading for my reasons on why this whole thing was a bad idea.

A.) Getting a tattoo for your significant other is just stupid. Remember when Lauren Conrad got a “J” for Jason Wahler on her ankle? No? Okay, well that happened. Needless to say the tattoo lasted longer than the relationship, and she had to pay good money to get it lasered off. Remember when Eva Longoria got Tony Parker’s jersey number tattooed on the back of her neck? Yeah, I’m sure she loved having that there when she found out he was sexting his teammate’s wife. Someone I know got his girlfriend’s name tattooed in huge letters across his chest. I was horrified. There is no way you can pretend that tattoo has a different meaning when you two break up and hate each other. Sorry to be skeptical but…it’s true. I think matching tattoos are risky enough, but going so far as to get the person’s name on your body? No, no, no. Therefore you can imagine how I feel about getting your significant other’s FACE on your body.

B.) Getting a person’s face on your body is just weird in general. I think Megan Fox’s Marilyn Monroe tattoo is weird enough (and she reportedly is having it removed), and Marilyn’s a Hollywood icon. But getting your boyfriend’s face  tattooed on you? And why would you get a picture of him as a baby?  The weirdness doesn’t stop! Kat claims there is meaning behind the baby picture tattoo. Not sure I believe that.

C.) Why would you get a tribute to your significant other under your armpit? The armpit is not the sexiest part of the body. Therefore, a tattoo in that area doesn’t exactly scream, “I love you and think you’re handsome and attractive.” It actually seems to say something more along the lines of, ” You’re sometimes smelly and sweaty.” I don’t know, call me crazy but if I were to get a tattoo as a tribute to someone I love, it would be someplace a little less gross. Maybe a wrist or an ankle or a hip or something.

What do you guys think about this mess?

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  1. CuddleBear says:

    You are right.

    Is it even possible, does this girl got ny brain or what?
    Well i used to like her in Miami Ink. when she hang out with Garver ut now i cant stand all the hate in every god damn tattoo show nowadays. Its more about hating eachothers instead of making beautiful art.

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