While We're Talking About Tattoos…

I have been jonesing (do people still saying that?) for a tattoo for a while now, but I have some fears.

1.) I don’t really know what to get and I don’t want to get something that I’ll regret. For example, had I gotten a tattoo five years ago, it probably would have been a fairy in the small of my back to match the one my (then) idol Britney Spears had.

I would regret this

Needless to say, I would now regret that ink. If I were to get a tattoo, it would need to be really meaningful and I just don’t have any ideas that have enough staying power….yet. The permanence of a tattoo is intimidating, what can I say? Can’t someone invent ink that goes away in five years or something?

2.) Finding a location is hard if you’re a lady. Unfortunately for us, the female body changes drastically over time. A spot that is cute and little now could easily become floppy and yucky. This could be because of weight gain or pregnancy. Therefore it’s hard to pick the perfect spot. Also, I don’t want a tattoo in some place really visible, because I work in an office and would like to continue working in an office for a while without offending people with my ink. Therefore wrists, ankles, and arms are out of the question. Hmm….

3.) I want something (semi) universally appealing. I know that I will never be able to pick a tattoo that everyone in my life loves. But I don’t want to get something permanently inked on my body and have my boyfriend go, ” OH GOD! What is THAT!?” or have my mom say, ” EW! That is appalling and offensive!” So while a tattoo is certainly a personal expression and a personal choice, you do (sort of) have to consider other people’s feelings. Know what I mean?

Do you have a tattoo? How did you go about getting it? Any regrets?

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  1. You have read my mind! I’m in the exact same situation.

    Have you thought about the inside of your finger? Like the side the would be covered if you laid your hand flat with your fingers together (as if to give a high five)? That’s a spot I’m considering. My friend has a music note on the inside of his right ring finger and it is very discreet and looks awesome.

    • Hi Melody,
      I really like the inside of the finger idea. I’ve seen a few celebrities do this and I like the way it looks. Like you said, it’s discreet but still pretty. Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for reading!


  2. I think a tattoo is great way of saying that “My body is inherently not universally appealing. It may not appeal to boyfriends or friends. It may not appeal to parents or relatives or society. It sometimes will not appeal to me.” I got my tattoos to take my body out of the running for other people’s stamp of approval. It really felt like my only way to claim that level of sole ownership and tell all other interested parties that they do not have a vote. That said, it took me many years and a lot of different experiences to come to that conclusion. And if there were other ways for me to make that statement in a way that felt authentic to me, I would have taken those routes :). My tattoos just seemed like very natural way for me to say what I wanted to say. Having other avenues for claiming your autonomy, which, combined with any tattoo hesitation (which is reason enough alone not to be inked), are good reasons not to get one. 🙂

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