Celebrities Are Certainly Not Afraid of Tattoos

So now I’m officially on a tattoo kick. I’m thinking about some of the celebrity tattoos I’ve seen and either loved/hated. Let me know what you think of these ones:

Victoria Beckham has one which means  “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.” Pretty nice tribute to her hubs. Interesting location too. You know your spinal cord will never get floppy during pregnancy, but the bad part about this location is that it will always show when you wear a fancy gown. I don’t know if I’d like that. Wedding gown + tattoo= not so classy


Nicole Richie has a bunch of tattoos including one that says Virgin (she’s a Virgo) and rosary beads around her ankle. But the tattoo I  most associate with Nicole is this one:

Remember when angel wing tattoos were really popular? I like how they’re small and delicate. I don’t think I’d ever get this tattoo, but I think Ms. Richie really pulls this off well.


Rihanna is also a fan of the tats, but she has this one in particular that I like a lot. Check it out:

It says  “Never a failure. Always a lesson.” I really like that concept. Also, it’s positioned so she always sees it when she looks in the mirror. Love that.

Megan Fox, oh Megan Fox. Say what you want about her, she has a pretty unique tattoo on her back. Okay, she has a lot of tattoos but this one is particularly fascinating:

It’s apparently a reference to Shakespeare’s “King Lear”, but Megan has said it reminds her not to get too caught up in Hollywood and being a celebrity. Cool concept. I like the way it looks, too.

Of course, then we also have a few celebrities who have tried to be artsy and multi-cultural with their tattoos and (unfortunately) ended up with misspellings. For example, poor Hayden Panettiere.


According to this article, it’s supposed to say “To live without regret” but…um…it’s misspelled so…yeah, she might regret that. Whoopsy doopsy.

Read about some other funny celeb tattoo errors here.

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  1. I love tattoos and think they are beautiful, but I haven’t thought of one image or line that I can commit to for life. I also think gowns and tattoos combined look trashy. I do have a friend who has a huge chest piece that she’s kept hidden from her family for over 5 years. She has to choose her clothing wisely. Se’s getting married in Oct and for a huge majority of her family, that will be the first time they see the art. Crazy, huh? So, goes to show you can cover up if you’re willing to limit your wardrobe.

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