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Sports Authority Saves the Day AND Lady Gaga Kills it On "The View"

C just dropped our bikes (or bike parts, as they currently are) off in the loving arms of the people at Sports Authority. They are generously assembling them into real live bikes for us to pick up after work! So nice of them. Otherwise we would have a lovely collection of handlebars, wheels and brakes […]

There Must Be Something in The Water Today

Because these are two of the entertainment stories I just read: 1.) Lindsay Lohan tweeted to Chris Brown “wanna meet?”: SERIOUSLY? OH MY GOD. I can’t decide who is more insufferable. Actually, on second thought…a Lohan/Brown meeting may be a great idea. We’ll get them together and then we can ship them off to Mars […]

My New Thing: Bikes…Kind Of

C and I are trying to get into bike riding. Keyword: trying. We’re really giving it a good effort! Remember our last adventure with the bicycle built for two? Anyway, we finally bought bikes of our own. But, there’s a slight problem…       Yeah, we have a bunch of bike parts… Not ideal. […]

New Dancing with the Stars Cast is Revealed…I'm Quite Impressed

The Season 13 cast of Dancing with the Stars has been revealed. Here’s the link for all the info. I have to say, I’m actually quite impressed. They kept talking about how they were going to move from the has-beens to the at least semi-celebs, and I think they did a good job. I’m quite […]

Quick Recap on the Hours of TV I Watched This Weekend While I Was Sick

I literally watched so much TV yesterday my eyeballs felt like they might explode. I’m not ashamed of this. I never watched much TV as a kid, but all of a sudden I’m a TV junkie. The BF and I are cruising through The Sopranos like there’s no tomorrow, and I’m officially obsessed. Yesterday was […]