I Can't Stop Listening To: Proudest Monkey

My last edition of “I Can’t Stop Listening To” was also a Dave song, I do believe, but I’ll do another one with no shame. I’ve had Proudest Monkey on repeat for a while now. I love the song and I love the lyrics. Plus, Dave is just so good live.

What do you guys think? How does this song compare to other Dave songs? The live version of this song is so amazing too. Check that out here.

Also, did you see that Kings of Leon just canceled their entire U.S. tour? I was THISCLOSE to buying tickets to one of the shows, and I’m so glad I didn’t. I’m a little concerned about this announcement though. Apparently the band walked off in the middle of one of their shows because their lead singer was feeling sick from the heat. He promised to go “drink a beer and throw up” (lovely) and then come back and finish the set. He didn’t. Then his brother (another band member) tweeted about how sorry he was, and how there were clearly bigger problems in the band than not drinking enough Gatorade. Read the full story here. That concerns me. I think that suggests there may be some diva-like behavior and a possible rift between band members. I hope not though, because I love them. Also, remember when they walked off in the middle of another show because the lead singer got pooped on by a bird?  I mean poor guy has some bad luck, but…you’re a rockstar. Toughen up. And you’re married to a Victoria’s Secret model. Your life is not that hard!

So…I hope they work things out because their music is amazing and I would love to see them again sometime soon. I saw them last summer when C got us tickets for my birthday.

Have you guys ever seen them? Do you think this whole sitch spells trouble?

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