Here's What Needs to Happen At My Wedding

So I’m not the type of girl to pick out my wedding dress or engagement ring years and years before I get engaged/married. No, sir. BUT I know that one thing needs to happen on my wedding day. And that thing is this:

Prince William and Prince Harry while Kate walks down the aisle

Watch at about the 2:40 mark to see what I’m referring to. If you’re too lazy to do so, I’ll give a brief summary. Kate is taking the loooong walk down the aisle to Prince William. All of a sudden that cutie Prince Harry turns around to look at her. He then turns to his brother and whispers something like,”Wait until you see her.” I’ve read that he actually said, “Right, now. Here she comes.” But I prefer to believe that he was saying, “Wait until you see her,” because that’s much more romantic.

So basically this exact moment needs to happen at my wedding. Except the problem is that now it will be scripted and that ruins nearly all of the sweetness and emotion in it. So…yeah. I guess that may be an issue.

Oh! But I just realized this: I have a boyfriend who has one brother. We have the Kate-William-Harry dynamic going on!

Did anyone (insane) like me see this happen live and start sobbing even harder after this moment? Yeah, I cried for all four hours of this coverage as I watched it at 4am. By myself. In my family room. In my snuggie. Then I was a cranky, horrible mess of a person at work. But it was so, SO worth it. Oh, PLEASE someone make me British.

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