A Public Service Announcement About Annoying Couples

I just stumbled across this article and knew it would be a disservice to all people if I didn’t share it. It helps you figure out if you are a part of “that” couple. You know the couple I’m talking about: calling each other weird nicknames while you’re out with friends, only using the word “we”, making out in front of others, the list goes on.

I’m very pleased to report that C and I are NOT that couple. If you went out on a double date with us, I assure you that you would have  a lovely, comfortable evening. We are proud of that. And unfortunately, we’ve suffered many unpleasant outings at the hands of “that” couple. We feel the pain that other people must endure when “that” couple is around. We are determined not to behave that way. Because of this, the only time I say “we” is when I really mean “we”. As in “WE hate ‘that couple'”. I also do not call C by any nicknames, no matter how adorable I feel they may be. And believe me, some of them are adorable. I’m a very creative person. We also don’t smooch excessively in front of others.

If you have a feeling you may be “that” couple, the one that everyone dreads going out with, please read this article. If you know someone who is a part of “that” couple, feel free to anonymously forward the article on to the offending person/couple. He/she/they will appreciate it, and so will the friends of the couple.

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