Props to Our Friends for NOT Being That Couple…And Getting Engaged!

Last night, C and I met up with my longtime friend and her new fiance. That sentence may not have made sense, but what I’m trying to say is the two of them just got engaged. C really likes him, and I really like him, and I’ve known her since I was in 5th grade. It’s a good situation.

I just need to give them a shoutout, because they are the complete opposite of “that couple.” They just got engaged, so you’d expect them to be like “OHMYGOD our wedding blah blah blah”, ” We’re in so in love blah blah blah” ” WE blah blah blah” “Oh, honey pie shnookums love butt blah blah blah.” The reality is this: they are the most fun couple to go out with. We talked a little bit about the wedding, because we were curious and excited for them. But we mostly talked about normal people things. They joked around, they teased each other, they were awesome. So major props to them. It just proves to me that it doesn’t matter how much you love the person, or how many exciting things are going on in a relationship, you never need to be “that couple”. You can always be a fun couple to go on double dates with. We will definitely be going out with them again. So props to them and congrats to them on their engagement!

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