This May Get Awkward, But I Need to Write About My Upcoming Surgery

I keep writing this post and then deleting it, so I’m just going to write it. And then maybe delete it later. The reason I want to write this post is because I think it will be helpful to some of the people who read this blog. And by people I mean ladies, because this is a lady issue. So gentlemen, feel free to read another post because this one might make you squirmy. I do appreciate my gentlemen readers very much, but this one’s strictly for the girls. I’ll try to keep this short. Here we go…

A lot of my time and energy lately has been dedicated to planning for a surgery I’m having in September. I feel weird not writing about it here, because I’m always thinking about it and I’ve even started another blog about it (check that other blog out here) so I feel like I’m cheating on Life with Lauren by not spending some time talking about it.

So here’s the dealio (I’m trying to bring that phrase back too): I have a condition called endometriosis. It’s not life-threatening by any means, but if it’s not treated it can cause infertility. And a lot of pain. I’ll give you a link to more detailed info on endometriosis in a second, but the basic description of the condition is this: when the lining of the uterus grows on other parts of the body. And by parts I mean organs such as the bowels, ovaries, pelvis, etc. Don’t worry, it won’t grow on your back or your nose or anything. Here’s some basic information about endometriosis in case you’ve never heard of it. It’s a really common disease, but a lot of women don’t know they have it because the symptoms are similar to other annoying female issues (cramping, long/painful periods, etc.)  I write in more depth about how I figured out I had the disease, and what I’ve done so far to treat it on my blog, The Endo Files though so if you’re interested you should go there for more info.

Okay, so now we get to the surgery part. In mid-September I have to go get an operation done with a surgeon who specializes in treating this condition. I’ve already had one surgery to treat it before, but this one is more in-depth and will be done using new technology. And basically I am freaking the eff out. It’s a new doctor, a new type of procedure, and I have to go to New York City to have it done. a.) I hate hospitals because they always have weird noises and they smell weird and make me think of dead people b.) I’m a little scared this doctor is going to kill me/harvest my organs (I’m paranoid, remember?) and c.) I hate all surgery because I don’t handle pain well and the last time I had surgery the first thing I said when I gained consciousness was ” I want Panera” and it was very embarrassing. So…yeah. Not thrilled about this. But I’m hopeful the surgery will help. Okay, I don’t ACTUALLY think my doctor will kill me but it makes me nervous because he’s not my normal doctor. Although he started The Endometriosis Foundation of America AND operated on Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef so how bad can he be, right?

I wanted to let you guys know what’s going on with me, and tell you that I may be a bit absent in September. My surgery isn’t until mid-September, but I’ll be running around like a madwoman for doctor’s appointments in the weeks leading up to the appointment. I also have a little pre-surgery vacation planned to relax (it’s okay to be jelly) so that’s that.

I really, strongly encourage you to read up on endometriosis. My mom had the condition which is how I figured out I had it, but lots of ladies go undiagnosed because the symptoms are hard to spot! And check out my new blog The Endo Files if you’re interested in hearing more about this whole thing.

If you made it to the bottom of this post, props to you! I will share my happy pills with you after the surgery! KIDDING! I’M KIDDING!


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