A Review of Limitless aka The Male Black Swan

I’d been wanting to see Limitless for a while, so the other night C and I ordered it. A few things before I give my thoughts:

A.) I don’t really even love Bradley Cooper that much, so I didn’t just order the movie for him. Although he was a nice bonus.

B.) I HATE scary movies, thrillers, or anything that will allow me to imagine myself in scary, dangerous situations/have bad dreams

C.) I HATED Black Swan

With that said, the movie was not what I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be a fun movie that played to the imagination. I expected we’d see Bradley Cooper’s character making tons of money and getting gorgeous supermodels and just being super duper smart. Yeah, he made tons of money and got the girl. Yeah he learned dozens of languages in one day. But he also got stalked by psychos who were after the drug and were trying to kill him. The movie was NOT as light and fantastical as I thought it would be. In fact, it ended up being a psychological thriller. Had I known that, I would have opted for something else.

The movie had lots of chase scenes and uncertainty about what would happen next. It was also pretty gory and scary. And there was this creepy dude that spent most of the movie running after Bradley and his girl. Who was played by Abbie Cornish. Who I still resent for breaking up the perfect union or Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Anyway… That dude gave me the shivers. The characters also suffered weird/eerie side effects from the pill. I was hoping we’d see Bradley start to fly or take over the world or something. Instead he slowly started to self destruct and then developed a limp. Yeah…not really what I was hoping for.

The reason I’m calling it the male Black Swan is because of one particularly gruesome and (for me) scary fight scene that had me hiding behind a pillow until it was over. This was how I spent the majority of Black Swan, particularly when Natalie Portman started picking feathers out from under her skin. That scene was not a good time.

The movie was based on a creative concept, but it was a bit more graphic and intense than I was expecting. If you’re into psychological thrillers and scary movies, this would probably be right up for your alley. For a baby like me, not so much.

Because of this I can only give it 2 Dolces. What? The Dolce system is a tough rating system! You think it’s tough to get 4 stars? It’s even tougher to get 4 Dolces! Look at that face!



Have you seen it? What did you think?

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  1. DEAR GOD I WANT LIMITLESS ON NETFLIX – my love for Bradley Cooper will never end!!!

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