You're Never Too Old to Go to The Zoo

I’m always up for a trip to the zoo. I think that you’re never too old/cool/famous for a visit with the animals. For example, one of my favorite episodes of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami was when a very hungover Kourtney went with Mason and Scott to the zoo. Despite being hungover, Kourtney still managed to look fabulous in heels, a crisp white blouse, and nice jeans. I couldn’t find a picture, but trust me…she looked good.

NOT how I look when I'm hungover

It was probably also very hot out, so she gets extra points. It was hot out when I went to the zoo today, but instead of dressing like Kourtney I wore flip-flops, denim shorts and a plain tank top. And I had my hair in a pony tail instead of her gorgeous, loose curls. Remember: celebrities are NOT just like us (despite what the magazines try to tell you). They have the amazing ability to never get sweaty when it’s hot out. They have perfect hair even when they’re hungover. They can walk long distances in heels. There is no way they are a part of the human race.

Anyway, that was a nice little tangent. Now we’ll talk about my trip to the zoo. C had family in town so we had a fun little zoo excursion. It was mainly to entertain his 9-year-old cousin, but I had as much fun as the little kid. I’m a child at heart, what can I say?

I knew the trip was going to be an exciting one when we were standing in line waiting to get in and overheard this conversation:

Mom to daughter: Those sunglasses are so funny on you! They take up half your face! You look like Paris Hilton

Young daughter: What’s a Paris Hilton?

Mom (suddenly flustered): Um…she’s a person. She’s famous for…well, not much. She’s famous for being famous. Anyway, what do you think we’re going to see first? The elephants?

Nice save, mom. A discussion about sex tapes is probably not appropriate for the zoo on a Saturday morning.

I got some good pictures on our trip, such as this one of a meerkat planking. He totally is! Look towards the center of the picture and you’ll see:


He's clearly seen the YouTube videos


Then we saw this little cutie:

What a cutie

The lemurs weren’t too into personal space:

Whoa now

Saw some elephants and took this picture:

And then my personal favorite:

Love them

The penguins! So cute. There was an adorable little boy pressing his face to the glass and being cute at the penguin exhibit. Every time a penguin would swim up to the glass he would shout, “PENGUINS LOVE ME SO MUCH!” over and over. I wanted to record it, but his grandpa was right there and I didn’t want him to think I was creepy so…just trust me that it was really cute.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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