I Can't Stop Listening to: Arcade Fire, "Half Light II (No Celebration)"

C’s brother has loved Arcade Fire for a while, and he gave C an Arcade Fire CD to check out. I’m really glad he did, because I love their music. The song I’ve been listening to literally on repeat is called “Half Light II (No Celebration)” and it’s amazing. Take a listen: Half Light II (No Celebration) So good, right? The sound reminds me of another band I like called Explosions in the Sky, except Arcade Fire has words with their music.

Check out the song’s lyrics here because they’re a little hard to understand as they’re being sung, but really interesting to read. If you scroll to the bottom some people have offered their interpretations about what the song means.

Do you like Arcade Fire? What else are you listening to these days? I could use some new workout music.

Actual (text message) conversation with my dad about Arcade Fire

Me: Have you heard about a new band called Arcade Fire?

Dad: Obviously

Me: Well excuse me, Mr. Cool Guy.

Ed: What? They played at the Grammy’s. I can’t help it that I’m this cool.

I always try to introduce my dad to new bands since he loves all types of music. I get offended when he already knows about the bands, and therefore has a higher coolness factor than I do. It’s fine. This happened before when I tried to play “The Cave” by Mumford and Sons for him. Turns out he already had the whole album… so, yeah…. He wasn’t impressed by my earth-shattering new discovery.

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