Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap: Plenty of Scott and Another Fake Kim Problem

The most recent episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians had plenty of Scott Disick, which always makes it a good episode. I used to hate Scott with a fiery, burning passion. Now I find him very amusing. And I think that the episodes he’s featured prominently in generally tend to be the more interesting ones.

In this episode, Kendall, Kylie, and Scott try to play a joke on Kris by telling her that Scott will now be managing the two younger girls. This is because Kris has been spending too much time with the older girls, and left Kendall at a photo shoot for 12 hours or something like that. It’s supposed to be a joke, but they let Kris freak out and believe the joke is real for about a day or so.

The littlest Kardashian-Jenners

She then storms over and confronts Scott and throws a few personal insults at him as he tans by the pool during a day when most people are at the office doing work. Sidenote: I love the pool chair Scott is lounging on. It reminds me of Sephora and rich people and elegance. Kourtney has good taste. We also get a great confessional-style interview where Kris says that Scott should know that NO ONE messes with her family and NO ONE messes with her business. So basically, NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE STUPID ENOUGH to mess with both.

Kris’s confrontation doesn’t go well and she storms off and she and Scott are pissed at each other. Kourtney tries to use her monotone voice to express the fact that she’s very upset about this, and that Scott and  Kris have come so far and need to continue to work on their relationship. Kourtney also has some adorable pajamas in this scene, and the rest of her home is as stylish as her pool chairs. Anyway…Scott and Kris finally apologize and hug it out. It’s pretty cute. Scott is definitely a changed man, and I like that. Yet he still dresses like a total a-hole, which makes him funny and interesting to watch. Sidenote: Sometimes I feel bad for Kris. Say what you want about her, she’s done a great job turning the Kardashian name into a brand. Despite all this work, her family always harasses her. She’s a good sport though.

The other part of this episode is another Kim “problem” that’s either a.) fake or b.) blown out of proportion in a big way. If you remember a few episodes ago, we had to hear all about her struggles with psoriasis. She freaked out as she saw blotches on her skin, and then ranted about how she always has to look perfect and be photographed in a bikini and this might ruin her career. Look, I will defend KK to the death. I love her. I think she’s practically perfect in every way. But come on now. How many ads for different psoriasis creams and pills do you see per day? Obviously it’s pretty treatable. And I do not feel sorry for you because you are insanely gorgeous and have a sick body, and therefore get paid millions of dollars to prance around in a bikini. If curable red blotches are the only bad part of your life….no, you do not have my sympathy. But you do have my love. Always.

Not shy

This week’s Kim problem was as amusing as the psoriasis issue. Kim apparently suffers from shyness/stage fright. They illustrate this by showing Kim freezing up at a question and answer season with people from Sears. The family then talks about how she was kicked off stage by Prince. I remember this when it happened and I actually did feel bad for her. But I don’t believe she has stage fright. First of all, look at her career. She’s constantly surrounded by cameras, pitching products, doing appearances, and hosting events at clubs. She might be embarrassed about dancing in public, but to try to say that she actually has anxiety in front of crowds… no. Then we’ve got the fact that she made a sex tape. I know, I know. She didn’t make a “dancing in front of people” tape, but I think if you’re willing to show yourself doing something that intimate act on camera, then you should be okay with dancing around like a fool for a few minutes. Also, this may be the most important part: she did Dancing with the Stars! She talks about how she hated it and would cry after every dance, but if she was so uncomfortable with dancing in public she wouldn’t have done it. Therefore, this is just a fabricated problem for TV. Don’t worry though, the problem is solved at the end of the episode when Kimmy dances with Armenian belly dancers. Yay, Kimmy! Your stage fright is cured!

Okay, enough making fun of them. I really do love the Kardashian family, I just thought that “problem” was a bit ridiculous. Also, how good are Khloe’s one-liners? Khloe is steadily overtaking Kim as my favorite Kardashian. She is hilarious and always inappropriate. It’s amazing. She always makes fun of Kim’s booty and she tells it like it is. Love her.

Did you guys see this week’s episode? What did you think?

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