Help My Friend Get His Dream Job

Do you see this wonderfully handsome fellow?

He looks like he could tell you a lot about sports, right? Well he can. He knows everything there is to know and then some about sports. This is my friend John Jastremski aka JJ. We went to college together, and he is the bomb dot com. JJ is one of the finalists in a contest that WFAN, a huge sports radio station in NYC, is having. The winner of the contest gets a job for a year at WFAN! Pretty amazing, right? This is JJ’s dream job and he deserves it. Part of the contest is left up to voters so….here comes the shameless plug part….could you please, please, take 30 seconds and go to this website and cast your vote for my dear friend John Jastremski? You can go vote RIGHT NOW! Every time you vote, an angel gets its wings. Thank you!

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