My Own Personal Strange Addiction

You know that show called My Strange Addiction? Yeah, I’ve watched a few episodes of that show. Then I was like, “Wait? Why am I watching someone eat soap? Or sleep with a running blowdryer? I could totally use this time to watch something more normal… such as Teen Mom or Jersey Shore” so I don’t watch that show much anymore. Also, I have my own strange addiction so I don’t need to watch the show to learn about strange addictions. I’m addicted to these:


You’re looking at 4 pounds (or 24 tins) of Eclipse peppermints. Not wintermint flavored mints. Not gum. Eclipse peppermints. These babies are my own strange addiction. I HAVE to have them with me at all times or I get panicky. Unfortunately, now you can’t find them in stores so I have to order them online. I just spent $35 to have these delivered. But I’m not mad, because that was pretty much a steal. Everywhere else was trying to charge me $45 bucks. Thanks,! It was worth every penny. Hey, it could be worse…. I could be drinking laundry detergent.

Do you have a strange food addiction/habit?

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