Enter to win cute, fun, sarcastic t-shirts

Attention lovers of sarcastic/unique/cute/vintage-y/all of the above t-shirts! Here’s the dealio! The lovely people at Crazy Dog T-shirts contacted me about an awesome contest they’ve got going on. First let me tell you a story about Crazy Dog t-shirts. A.) They have HIGH-LARIOUS t-shirts for the ladies and the gents. Observe:


How funny is that? And then we’ve got this one for the Oregon Trail fan (aka me):

 2.) They have awesome Halloween costumes! Last year, C and I got our Halloween costumes from them. We were Mario and Peach. Take a look:

Cute, right?

So now Crazy Dog T-shirts is having this contest which you should probably/definitely/absolutely enter. They’re giving away four t-shirt and costume prize packs. So basically you get the best of both worlds. The contest ends August 28th, so go to their site now and enter. You have to like them on the FB first though to be eligible. So click here to do that. And if you want to find Crazy Dog T-shirts on Twitter, here you go. These guys are sending me a shirt soon, so I’ll do a vlog when I get it. Good luck!

I’m curious, which shirt do you guys like best?

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  1. The ‘You Have Died of Dysentery” is too perfect, oh my god. I love it!

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