My Thoughts on Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries As A Couple (Yes, I Know I Don't Know Them)

I know I don’t know Kim Kardashian or Kris Humphries. Please remind yourself that I’m aware of this as you read this post. However I’m a big fan and I watch all of the Kardashian shows. Therefore, I am allowed to write a commentary on their relationship. Right? Right. Anyway, after seeing the most recent episode of KUWTK, I have a few thoughts.

First of all, I think it’s bad timing that the most recent episode of KUWTK aired when it did (right as Kim and Kris were tying the knot). Why? Because the episode made Kris look like an insensitive frat boy giant. I’m sure next week’s episode (which is the follow up to this week’s) will smooth out all the problems that this week’s ep created (Khloe saying Kris asked if her marriage was just for TV/if Kim’s butt was real, Kris calling Kourtney boring, Kris being kind of rude around Kim’s friend Loren, Kris tossing Kim roughly into the water in Bora Bora, Kris complaining about Kim’s theatrics) but for now, he hasn’t been portrayed in a good light.

Even if he did ask those rude questions and make those statements strictly for the show, it’s still troubling that he would allow the producers to make him say those things. It makes me think that this is a marriage for entertainment value and not for love. When we first met Lamar he was always portrayed as sweet and gentle and subdued and funny. Never loud or abrasive. He never offended people. And you could tell from Day 1 that Khloe and Lamar were for real, cameras be damned. I admit, I was skeptical about how quickly they got married, but I always believed they were good together. Maybe I’m being too quick to judge, but I get a different vibe from Kris than I do from Lamar.

Also, Kim shouldn’t want her fans, for any amount of time, to think her new hubby is obnoxious. Even if it’s just to make good TV. And after that last episode, I have a feeling people think he’s obnoxious. I know I do. I know I would never want my boyfriend/fiance/husband to be portrayed as rude, obnoxious, insensitive or rough. Even if it was for a reality TV show and even if it would be corrected on next week’s episode. That concerns me. I think KUWTK started out as a show about a family and now they’ve become a family living for a show. That’s bad news bears. I can see how it would be easy to let that happen, too. All that fame and money. Having whatever you want whenever you want. It would be hard to pass that up. But it’s a slippery slope.

When Kim was dating Reggie Bush we never saw too much of him on the show, but what I saw of him I liked. He and Kim seemed really into each other and he didn’t come across as abrasive or fratty. I keep using the word “fratty” because that’s just what comes to mind. When I say fratty I mean makes offensive jokes. I mean is loud around people he doesn’t know. I mean doesn’t care about what people think, which isn’t good when you’re still trying to impressive your new love’s friends/family. That’s being fratty. Look, I know some great frat boys. I also know many frat boys who behave in the way I just described. And that’s how Kris behaved in this most recent episode. I didn’t see him trying to impress Kim’s friends and family. He seemed to have forgotten that he was still the “new boyfriend”. I didn’t see him being attentive and doting. Come on, Kris. Step up your game.

Let me just say, I really do want Kris and Kim to work. I’m not one of those people who writes terrible things all the time on celebrity websites no matter what the story is. Actually, I don’t write anything on celebrity websites. Even though I don’t know these people, I want them to be happy because I really am a fan. But Kris is not the type of person I imagined Kim marrying. I know he’s big and tall and can pick her up and she loves that (because she has him do it every episode) but there’s more to life than being tall and big and strong. I hope he treats her well and that he just acts differently when the cameras are around. I know that cameras do change things, so I’m hoping that’s the reason for his odd behavior.

What did you guys think of Kris and his behavior on the episode? Do you think the relationship is real or for the cameras? Do you think it has staying potential?

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  1. Kris is in it for the money. He is a crappy basketball player and will never get big bucks. Same as that other guy that marries Kendra. And at first I thought Lamar got with the other sister so the Lakers would be forced to give him a long contract, but Lamar seems cool. Reality TV is whack, it’s all made up and everyone is in it for the money.

    • I agree that Kris is in it for the money/fame. The more I watch him the less I like him. I was suspicious of Lamar at first, like you said, but now I really like him. I think it’s weird that these A-list women marry these guys who can barely get signed with a team. I’m not saying you need to marry someone rich and successful, but with the reality TV factor it kind of makes you question the guy’s motives. It also makes me think that maybe the women get an ego boost from being the more successful one in the relationship.


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