Kim Kardashian's Wedding And Why I'm (Kind of) Falling Off the Kardashian Bandwagon

If I could have watched Kim Kardashian’s wedding live at 4am like I did for William and Kate, I would have. Believe me. I was that excited. Yet a few recent events have left me (slightly) falling off the Kardashian bandwagon. Only slightly. But still. I was so excited to see Kim’s look, and to see what the whole event looked like. Now we have to wait until October to get the full effect, but I’ve seen a highlights reel and a few still images on, and here are my thoughts:

1.) I thought the black and white theme was classy and elegant and suited Kim’s personality.

2.) Mason was adorable

3.) Having the whole ceremony under an insanely massive tent was definitely necessary but also really bizarre

4.) What was Kris Jenner wearing? The dress was fine, but that huge white bow? It was like Ringling Brothers Circus or something

5.) That altar was very tacky

6.) I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of BODIES at that wedding. I’ve only been to a few weddings and they both had about 75-100 people, so a 500 person wedding just looked overwhelming to me. I can’t even imagine that.

7.) Her look….oh geez…. Okay, first take a peek and make up your own mind:

(via People magazine)

Based on what you’ve seen in the video and this still picture, what do you think? Her clothes are normally SUPERTIGHTANDFORMFITTING. I was surprised to see that this was the dress she chose to walk down the aisle in. This is a beautiful dress and looks really nice on her. It shows off her chest, but it leaves something to the imagination. Sidenote: I think many ball gown style dresses look the same. Just throwing that out there. I prefer a less poofy style. But this is very beautiful.

The one thing I can’t get over is that headpiece. WHAT is that!? I cannot STAND it. Why a veil AND that heinous thing? And by the way, that heinous thing is probably worth more than most people will make in a lifetime…


The other thing that bothered me is this: I think one of her best traits is all that gorgeous hair she has. It’s been reported that she spends tens of thousands of dollars a month making her hair look perfect. WHY would she put it all the way up for her wedding day? I don’t like updos. At all. I think they make you look bald and severe. And I ESPECIALLY don’t like updos if you spend a lot of money on your gorgeous, perfect hair. I think she should have done a half up/half down style. Or done a Kate Middleton style.

The other thing is the excess involved in this wedding. She and Kris are set to make something like $18 million after this whole thing is over. Yet they were asking for $400 sugar bowls on their registry? They are so wealthy and have so much, you’d think they could ask for charitable donations instead of expensive ashtrays that they’ll never use and could buy themselves anyway. That really bothered me, and it made me lose quite a bit of respect for her. She really needs her friends to spend $250 on a gift for her? She makes all that money. She can buy it herself. She should have asked for donations to a deserving charity. She always seems so nice and sweet on all of her shows, I was surprised she didn’t think of this.

People are slamming Kimmie for such blatant displays of wealth and excess at her wedding. And for making serious bank off of, you know…love and whatnot. I think she should be allowed to display as much wealth and excess as she wants. She’s savvy and has earned the wealth she’s made. I, personally, would feel weird making money off of my wedding. I would feel weird having mic guys and sound guys running around as I’m trying to make a life commitment to someone. But, that’s just me. If it works for and Kris, so be it. Kim Kardashian has created a very marketable brand. What I really don’t agree with is the lack of charity that came out of this wedding.

What do you guys think about Kim’s wedding day look, and how she handled the money that her wedding generated?

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