Trip to Yankee Stadium/ESPN Headquarters

Sorry for the late post today, kiddos. I’ve been out of commission all day with a nasty sinus headache. Whenever the weather changes suddenly I get killer headaches. Anyone else have this issue? I also get it when the seasons change. It’s miserable. I’ve had a terrible headache for three days. It’s finally starting to get better. Priase Jebus. Anyway, hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far. I just got back from a quick trip to Yankee Stadium (if you’re a Yankee fan you know the game I saw was epic) and to the ESPN Headquarters in Bristol, CT. I went with my dad and C, so it was a business trip but also fun. Strange, I know. C’s grandpa met us at the Yankees game, which was great. He is one of the greatest people on the face of the planet, so it was really nice to have him there.

The trip to ESPN was like visiting Mecca for C and my dad. I was definitely excited too, and I was impressed with what I saw. First of all, the place is MASSIVE. They’ve got 13 different buildings on the ESPN campus (which is in the middle of nowhere). Second of all, the place is SO nice. They have an amazing cafeteria with any type of food you can imagine, they’ve got basketball courts, everything is beautifully decorated. It was gorgeous. They also have tons of security. It was like visiting the Pentagon. We got to see the  Sportscenter set, in the middle of a show. Pretty amazing. I guess it’s pretty rare to get to go on set while they’re taping so I was excited. Check it out:

Then we saw the SportsNation set. I love this show, and I love Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd. Speaking of Colin, I saw him as we were walking down the hall and literally got starstruck. I'm awkward, it's fine.


It was funny and interesting going on a business trip with my dad and boyfriend. I kept wanting to turn to C every time we saw something cool and grab his hand. Then I remembered we were on a business trip and I had to pretend I was just his co-worker. Also, when my dad and I are at work together, he sometimes goes into this mode where he tries to use me as his personal assistant.  I think he does this because we’re family and there’s a different level of comfort you have with family than with employees. While we were on the tour he kept asking me to take pictures of random things that I wouldn’t want to take a picture of and then send them to him. I did it the first few times. By the fourth time I wanted to scream, ” YOU HAVE A NICER PHONE THAN ME. IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THAT STAIRCASE, DO IT ON YOUR OWN PHONE!” but instead I just did it. Then he kept asking me every 500 feet if I wanted a picture in front of that particular object like we were at a family vacation to Disney World. We were with business associates, so I didn’t want to go all fan girl. I was trying to play it cool. C and I took a few shots at various things, but we were trying to be low-key and professional. Which is important when you’re young and new to the industry. He was not getting the hint. I couldn’t really whine, “Dad, you’re embarrassing me!” but I wanted to. It’s hard to find that line between family member and co-worker, and sometimes vice versa.

But it was a really nice trip overall. We got to drive by the apartment where my dad grew up, and ate at one of his favorite pizza restaurants. There is nothing like New York Pizza, that’s for sure. I’m pretty lucky that my business trips also include spending time with family/my boyfriend.

Would you be able to work with your family? It definitely has its own set of challenges and funny situations.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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