I Tried The Tracy Anderson Method…Yeah….

I am the type of person advertising execs dream about. If a celebrity endorses it, or if the packaging is cool, I will probably buy it. I impulse buy. I will buy a product and then loyally continue to buy it. Habits like these usually don’t cause me problems. Until I encountered the Tracy Anderson Method. It seems like every celebrity in Hollywood uses the Tracy Anderson method. Everywhere I turned, I heard about it. Obviously this meant that I needed to try it without considering whether it was a type of exercise I would enjoy. Luckily my hairdresser let me borrow the DVDs for a little bit to see if I actually liked them before I bought them (they’re pretty expensive) , because the Tracy Anderson Method is NOT my thing. Maybe I missed something, but it was not what I expected. I don’t really love the Jillian Michaels videos because they’re TOO intense and I don’t have any fun while I’m doing them. I think a workout should be at least somewhat fun or else you won’t keep doing it. I thought this would be a good, fun workout. I’m always looking for new workouts that I enjoy. I think maybe I missed the part where it says, “you must be a little drunk to do this workout”.

I didn’t get to the strength training section, because I couldn’t get past the ridiculosity of the cardio. First of all, I don’t trust anyone who teaches a workout DVD in a regular bra. Which she did. Also, she kind of looks like Chelsea Davy which kept distracting me. I know that’s not her fault, but it was a factor.

As you start the workout, she talks to you about how you need to just let go and relax and dance even if you feel silly. I was very relaxed and ready to go. It was just me by myself in my apartment. I didn’t care if I looked like a fool. But I kept waiting for her to teach me the dance, and then I realized…she’s not going to. The whole cardio session is going to consist of us jumping around like this. And I was right. Literally the entire cardio session consisted of jumping around, jogging in place, and kicking your legs. It was reminiscent of what I used to do at the bar on a Saturday night when I thought I was showing off my amazing dance moves. Hence the reason why you should probably be drunk before you try to do this DVD. I tried to get into it, I really did. I tried to let loose and be free and follow Tracy. But i just felt ridiculous. There wasn’t enough structure. I was working up a sweat because I was constantly moving my feet around, but it was just too goofy and free-spirited for my taste. I prefer Zumba, which sometimes makes me feel ridiculous but has more structure. You learn the moves and then repeat them. If you can’t do them, fine. But there are set moves you’re supposed to be doing.

I also don’t like how Tracy Anderson wanted an hour commitment six days a week from me. That’s just not feasible. I’m more in the Bethenny Frankel school of thought which says, “Do what you can, when you can.” If you end up going for a long walk one day and to the gym another day, then that’s great. You don’t need to be tied to a very structured program. I know when I feel like I HAVE to do a certain fitness program for a certain amount of time EVERY week day, that’s when I don’t want to do it. I like to mix up my exercise and do different things on different days, depending on how I’m feeling and what my energy is like.

According to this interview, it seems that Tracy basically thinks the opposite. She think the mixing and matching of workouts doesn’t do much for you, but I think it does. I know I’m much more likely to do a variety of activities on my own time than I am to stick to a 6 day a week exercise regimen. To me, long walks around the park and bike rides don’t feel like exercise. I do them frequently. Therefore I’m burning calories frequently. Intense DVDs feel like a workout. I don’t do them frequently. I don’t burn calories when I don’t do them. Better to burn calories on my own schedule than to let the DVDs sit gathering dust. I’ve also been getting back into the good ole gym routine. I like to go before work. That way I’m done and don’t have to go after work, and it gives me more energy throughout the day.

Sidenote: I’m pretty sure every fitness personality/trainer has conflicting ideas about diet/exercise/fitness. Bethenny thinks one thing, Jlilian MIchaels thinks another and Tracy Anderson thinks still another. It’s kind of funny, but it also makes me believe that you need to do what’s right for you and your body and your schedule. Just my belief.

How about you guys? How do you prefer to exercise? Have you tried the Tracy Anderson Method?


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