New Dancing with the Stars Cast is Revealed…I'm Quite Impressed

The Season 13 cast of Dancing with the Stars has been revealed. Here’s the link for all the info. I have to say, I’m actually quite impressed. They kept talking about how they were going to move from the has-beens to the at least semi-celebs, and I think they did a good job. I’m quite interested to watch Elisabetta Canalis square off against Kristin Cavallari. And Nancy Grace? That will be intriguing, I’m sure. There’s a few randos in there, but every cast has them. I bet Ron Artest will be good for some entertainment. Maybe his therapist will be in the audience. I predict that Hope Solo takes home the mirrorball trophy. Athletes usually win, and she will have graceful footwork from all those years of soccer. I’m calling it right now. Anyone want to bet against me?

Also, I’m really glad that Rob Kardashian is joining the cast, but apparently he’s not that big of a celeb to some people. Check out this little oopsy doopsy


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