Quick Recap on the Hours of TV I Watched This Weekend While I Was Sick

I literally watched so much TV yesterday my eyeballs felt like they might explode. I’m not ashamed of this. I never watched much TV as a kid, but all of a sudden I’m a TV junkie. The BF and I are cruising through The Sopranos like there’s no tomorrow, and I’m officially obsessed. Yesterday was spent finishing up Season 1 and starting Season 2. That show is the truth. If you haven’t watched it, I would seriously suggest giving it a try. I didn’t think I’d like it at first because it’s violent, but it’s so amazing. The acting and writing is like nothing else. I highly recommend it. Anyway, after we had our Sopranos fix, we watched the second part of the Jersey Shore episode. Growing up, I always wished I was Italian. I wanted the olive-y skin and the amazing family recipes. I wanted the beautiful Italian last name like many of my classmates. Instead I am pale and my family is basically as American as you can get. We have a family recipe for Thanksgiving stuffing. That’s about it. I can’t have those exotic Italian things, but I can live viacariously through TV shows which greatly stereotype Italian culture. Way to go, Self…Sorry to all you Italians who aren’t part of the mob and who don’t dress like guidos. I know that these are poor representations of a wonderful culture.

Unflattering angle

I was full of anticipation as I watched this episode. It seemed like the Ron/Sitch fight was going to be serious. Not that I wanted anyone to get hurt, but I wanted to see what was up. Turns out the whole thing was a huge letdown and I was the victim of a great editing job by someone at MTV. Ron barely even gave The Situation a scratch. Sitch ended up in the hospital/in a neckbrace because  he knocked HIMSELF out on a WALL. An inanimate object, for God’s sake! Wow…just wow… Then everyone started crying and Jenni was yelling at Sam to give Ron some space while Jenni tried to talk to him. Tensions ran high. Dramatic music played. Ron started to pack his stuff and leave. Then the next day everyone was fine and Ron decided to stay and he and Sitch ended up joking and laughing together. Weirdest episode ever. Sidenote: it was pretty interesting seeing JS security guys breaking up the Sitch/Ronnie fight. That’s one of the few times they’ve acknowledged that they’re on an extremely popular reality show. I mean, you can usually tell because when they go out there’s always tons of people taking pictures of them but…other than that, they don’t acknowledge that fact. Found that kind of interesting. Also, Sammi and Ronnie may or may not have broken up. Either way, they were up to their old insufferable antics.

I was going to make my boyfriend suffer through the VMAs (which I was excited to watch)

because they were on after Jersey Shore. Then I found mercy in my heart and let him play video games while I read some more of The Help, which is an amazing book that you should read. I’ll watch the VMAs tonight and fast forward through the commercials. I did see that Beyonce is pregnant (amazing) and that Lady Gaga sang her gorgeous song “You And I” (love it) in drag (um…why?). So those are the only thoughts I can offer on that right now. Sorry. I hope you understand.

I also need to watch the second part of the highly-anticipated Keeping Up with the Kardashians (aka is Kris Humphries really that obnoxious?) as soon as I get home. I can’t believe I didn’t watch it last night. I was still feeling kind of icky after having a headache all weekend (damn you, sinuses) so I needed my beauty rest. Did you guys see it? What did you think?

Any thoughts on the TV shows I mentioned? There’s been a lot of good TV on lately, am I right?

Hope you’re having a good start to the week!

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