My New Thing: Bikes…Kind Of

C and I are trying to get into bike riding. Keyword: trying. We’re really giving it a good effort! Remember our last adventure with the bicycle built for two? Anyway, we finally bought bikes of our own. But, there’s a slight problem...




Yeah, we have a bunch of bike parts… Not ideal. After I stopped recording the video, C tried to assemble the bike carcasses for a while longer. There was parts everywhere and tools flying:



I did my part by trying to understand the directions that only an engineering major would understand. So then we abandoned ship.

Basically, how we found them. So…we’ll probably be paying someone at Sports Authority to assemble them for us tomorrow. No shame in that. That stuff was confusing. Hey, it’s okay. I lit my new pumpkin candle and then I was in my happy place and nothing could fluster me. Not even being so close and yet so far from a bike ride. I have faith that the lovely folks at Sports Authority will save us and then I will get my bike ride. Yahoo!

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