There Must Be Something in The Water Today

Because these are two of the entertainment stories I just read:

1.) Lindsay Lohan tweeted to Chris Brown “wanna meet?”: SERIOUSLY? OH MY GOD. I can’t decide who is more insufferable. Actually, on second thought…a Lohan/Brown meeting may be a great idea. We’ll get them together and then we can ship them off to Mars together. That way no one has to deal with either of them ever again. That would be awesome.

Then we’ve got this gem

2.) Solange Knowles (little sister to Beyonce) is claming police pulled a weapon on her after she tried to get into a club with a five-foot tall inflatable banana. She’s saying it’s racial discrimination. I don’t know, just read this. People are so bizarre. I guess when you’re Beyonce’s less-famous sister you have to do SOMETHING to make people remember you. And an inflatable banana will probably do the trick. Um….Yeah. So that happened.



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