Sports Authority Saves the Day AND Lady Gaga Kills it On "The View"

C just dropped our bikes (or bike parts, as they currently are) off in the loving arms of the people at Sports Authority. They are generously assembling them into real live bikes for us to pick up after work! So nice of them. Otherwise we would have a lovely collection of handlebars, wheels and brakes gathering dust in our storage unit. They’re even doing it for free, which is pretty awesome. Although we did buy the bikes from them, so maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised. Anyway, I’m really excited to get our bikes so we can actually ride them. We’re going on on a week-long beach vacation this Friday so I’m pumped that we’ll have them to take with us so we can ride them down at the beach. That will be so nice. ::Insert happy dance here:: Also, I made C buy a helmet which he was not too pleased about. Hey! Safety first, kids! I bought myself a goofy one with pink flowers on it or something ridiculous like that. The selection was not amazing, I’ll tell you that. They had white helmets, black helmets, skateboarder helmets, or this flower-y one. So…I thought, “What would Bethenny Frankel say?” which is what I usually do when I’m trying to make a decision. She is my inspiration and guru. And I said, “She would say ‘Use what you have and work with what you’ve got’ and I chose the least offensive, most feminine helmet. It even has a bizarre little built-in visor on it. I’ll take a picture. It’s going to be the hotness.

On an unrelated note….I am OBSESSED with Lady Gaga’s new song “You and I”. She performed it, in drag, at the VMAs. At first I thought the drag thing was cool and interesting and artsy. Also, she’s a good man. Er… I mean. She knows how to act like a man. She played the Jo character well. Sometimes I actually forgot that was Lady Gaga.

Mild to moderately uncomfortable

Then she kept the drag thing going for literally the whole night, and totally creeped out Britney Spears. That was a little overboard, and she probably could have afforded to let it go after her opening performance. Although it was semi-amusing watching Britney try to figure out how to handle the moment when Gaga tried to make out with her. I kind of felt bad for her. She clearly is over her public “I’ll make out with a girl for attention” phase. She is a mom now, after all. That’s not the point though. The point is that this song is so amazing and shows that she is insanely, ridiculously, disgustingly talented. Say what you want about her shtick. Girlfriend can sing. And girlfriend knows how to get into character and perform. I was YouTubing the shizz out of this song (I usually like live versions more than studio recordings) and I found this amazing version she did the other day on “The View.” You need to watch it. It is so awesome. Click here to check it out. I love how she ad-libs and vamps and plays to the crowd. No auto tune or lip-syncing necessary. Amazing. Also, check out the video for this song. It’s….interesting. Definitely a Lady Gaga production.

Do you guys like this song? What did you think of her VMAs performance?

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