Archives for September 2011

The Delicate Balance Between Being Sweet and Growing A Backbone

It’s pretty natural to want people to like you. No one walks around thinking, “Okay, how can I earn a reputation as a heinous monster?”  But there’s a fine line between being a nice person and being a doormat. A pushover. Sometimes you have to stop being nice for a minute and tell someone what […]

Important Things I Learned During My Week Off

I’ve had a lot of downtime as I’ve been recovering from surgery. I’ve spent a lot of that time watching back to back (to back) episodes of The Sopranos, The Office and Sex and the City. And blogging. But I’ve also spent some time pondering things. Important things, you know? Here are some conclusions I’ve […]

My So-Called Gluten Free Life

I’m usually a pretty healthy eater. Occasionally I’ll treat myself to a slice of Hawaiian pizza (my weakness…sooo yummy) but for the most part I’m proud to say I do a good job. My diet consists of a lot of oatmeal, whole wheat bread, and other nutritious foods. This sounds great, right? Well, I just […]

The Pumpkin Obsession Continues

I hope you all had a nice day at work, school, etc. I know I, for one, had an extremely busy day. My mom took me to lunch, which I attended dressed like a bag lady. I’ve dressed like a bag lady since I had surgery. No shame. Make it work. Here’s a picture of […]

I'm Back! With All Body Parts Still In Place!

Hi! I’m back! I had surgery on Thursday and have been a bit loopy/ very uncomfortable for the past few days. Today was the first day (actually it’s about midnight on Tuesday night but whatevs) that I felt like enough of a human to write something here. Many thanks to Chris for guest blogging in […]