Why I Spent An Hour And A Half in A Parking Lot

The headline pulled you in, didn’t it? I think I have a future writing for Star magazine or another equally classy publication. “Cheating scandals! Baby mama drama! Why Jen is talking to Angie!?” Yeah, you know you’d buy it. Okay, sorry. Yesterday I told you how C and I dropped our bike parts off at Sports Authority to get assembled. About halfway through the work day we got the call that they had officially been made into bikes! Yippee skippy! After work we drove on over to pick up our new wheels. Slight problem though. When the bike parts were still in the boxes, we could easily fit them in the back of my car (with the seats down). But now that the bikes were actually fully assembled, they wouldn’t fit in my car. Hence we needed to buy a $65 bike rack. Sneaky, sneaky, Sports Authority.

The guy who sold us the bike rack said, and I quote, “It’s easy to put together. It’ll take three minutes.”

The Devil's contraption

Actually, sir, it took an hour and a half.  This is because the directions featured microscopic, black and white pictures with vague, scientific directions. AND they didn’t illustrate the bike rack on an SUV. Which I have. If I still had my little matchbox car they would have been very helpful. But it wasn’t. AND the diagram didn’t illustrate a bike rack with actual bikes on it, so you had to just IMAGINE how to place two bikes on a tiny rack. In the end, we didn’t actually mount the bike rack correctly, we just did it well enough to get the bikes home. Conclusion: if you want to do anything with bikes, you need a degree in engineering.

Why didn’t we ask for assistance with this part of the Great Bike Project, you say? Well, that’s a great point. a.) We’re stubborn and b.) C kept telling me that no one would know how to do it. He said it’d be like if you went to Price Chopper and asked the cashier how to make your chicken marsala. That made a lot of sense to me, so I believed him. Plus I had faith that we would get it assembled eventually. And we did…kind of. Everyone in the parking lot thought he/she was a comedian as they went into the store, came out and saw we were still there and said, “You should have just biked home! Hardy har har….”

It’s okay though, my mom is now on the case. My mom is one of those people who could be a professional Googler if such a thing existed. I have no doubt that she will find out how to do it properly and fix whatever problem exists. I don’t feel bad about having her on the case because I didn’t ask her to help, she just did. She’s that amazing. Love ya, mama.

On the bright side, my bike is SO awesome and I love it. Once we get the little bike rack issue fixed it will be so nice. This is the bike I got:

Ooooh ahhhh

I love the color. Although it doesn’t have a kickstand, which I found to be a bit odd. Anyway, I’m really excited to get these things working. Any avid bike riders out there who might know why our bike rack is super loosey goosey on the back of my SUV?

Happy September 1st, you guys!

Okay, one more thing. Do you guys say, “rabbit” when you wake up in the morning on the first of the month? I always do and the Boyfriend thinks I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Somewhere along the lines I was told that if you said “rabbit” on the first of the month, you had good luck for the entire month. Maybe I was fed false information on the elementary school playground. Just wanted to know if I was alone on this one.

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