Roadtrippin to the Beach

C and I (and the parentals) are leaving for a much-needed, relaxing week in on the beach in Delaware. We rented a beach house (that I’m told has a hot tub…I’m sold) so we’ll be hanging out there for a week. I love going during this time of year because all the tourists are gone, so it’s nice and quiet and the weather isn’t too hot but it’s still warm and lovely. I’m assuming the house has Wi-Fi (if it doesn’t I will turn around and drive all 6 hours back home) so I will still be able to post. I may not be posting every single day though. On the way back from the beach we’re stopping in NYC. I have a doctor’s appointment before my surgery, and my mom and I are going to see Rent! I can’t wait. C and my dad are going to a football game. Should be a great time. Check back here for pictures and updates. And don’t forget to enter my amazing recent grad giveaway (see below). Happy Labor Day weekend, everybody!

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