Two Exciting Things for You To Read

1.) The College Crush, a terrific site I write for, just published this awesome Freshman Love Survival Guide. I added my two cents to the guide, and I think it’s a great resource for college ladies (all ladies) so check it out! I came up with this funny (if I do say so myself) line: ” You’re not selling Cutco knives or Girl Scout cookies. You are a person and he can take you or (if he’s stupid) leave you.” I know you want to read the rest of my pearls of wisdom so check the guide out now!

2.) Don’t forget to enter my contest so you can win a copy of Ryan Kahn’s Hired! The Recent Grad’s Guide. If you’re looking for a job or are going to be graduating soon, you won’t want to miss this book.

Hope you’re relaxing and enjoying the long weekend! What are you up to?

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