Look What I Encountered on the Beach

Hello, my lovelies. Normally I’d be feeling a little emo as all the kiddles (my word for kids) both big and small are heading back to school/college, but I’m still at the beach with my family so I’m doing pretty well. Life is hard, I know. It’s nice being here because the beach season is basically over so its a lot less crowded, but it’s still warm enough to sit on the beach. I don’t go in the ocean. Terrible shark phobia. People laugh, but last year we saw a fisherman catch a decent-sized bull shark. I guess my phobia isn’t totally irrational. Anyway, I’ve been eating my weight in Dippin’ Dots (ice cream of the future!) over the past few days, so I’ve also been doing a lot of long walks on the beach. So cliche, but so good. As my mama and I were walking today, we encountered this mysterious object.

I was about 90% certain that this was a treasure chest and if I touched it either a.) Captain Jack Sparrow would jump out (oh please, oh please, oh please!) OR b.) I would be transported back to the 17th century. I investigated a little more and I’m pretty sure it was just old styrofoam or maybe a suitcase so…slightly disappointing.

Just wanted to share that.

Also, take a look at these gorgeous beach pictures I took yesterday after we got a lot of rain and the tide came in:

So peaceful and beautiful. Love it.

Hope you’re having a great day, and if you’re headed back to school a.) I’m jealous and b.) Have an excellent start to your school year!

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